Given the fact that the number of virtual and hybrid events keeps on growing, it is more than ever time to take a deeper look at the softwares and tools for these events, and make sure that you are providing the best experience there is, even when the current situation does not allow personal contact. We have tested out a number of solutions that are available on the market and found some real gems we want to share with you. In combination with Eventee they are about to create an experience that attendees will never want to stop talking about.

Eventee is a mobile and web app that supports live streaming and video on demand from tools like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Twitch, or Zoom.

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USE CASE: Virtual events with Eventee
Stay positive and read through this use case to find out how you can turn tables in these tough times by simply switching to virtual event with Eventee support!

Today we bring you the list of 8 best video streaming tools that pair wonderfully with Eventee.

Choose a tool that suits your needs the best!

Web services


One of the most popular streaming tools, which supports a whole bunch of services from YouTube, Twitch and Facebook to, Douyu or even their own RTMP solution. Restream offers a very comfortable configuration, as almost everything is automatic. Overall, the interface is very easy to handle and intuitive, which makes Restream a great tool even for users who have no or little experience with live streamed events.

The basic plan is free.


StreamYard is another service that enjoys great popularity lately. This tool helps you set up your streams just the way you like it and all without giving bigger effort! You can stream live via Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch. With StreamYard you can easily create a panel discussion with speakers interacting with each other through the app.

Stream the discussion via YouTube, Facebook or Twitch and use the link to connect it with Eventee. You just need to insert the stream links into the sessions you have created in your agenda. Your virtual attendees can then watch your live streams through the Eventee mobile or web app. And why you should do that? Because Eventee takes care of the engagement at your event! Attendees can ask live questions, vote in polls, rate sessions, connect with each other, or receive messages with push-notification.

There is, however, one disadvantage to StreamYard - it works only in Google Chrome.

The basic plan is free.

An interesting tool that resembles StreamYard in terms of its functionality. Same as with StreamYard you are able to invite more guests for a joint discussion through one stream. offers a nice graphic interface that is very well-arranged. If you are planning to share your desktop screen during your stream, you will need to use Google Chrome, otherwise it works in other browsers as well. There are only two platforms you can broadcast your streams to - Facebook and YouTube.

The basic plan is free.


Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs is a popular and very advanced application for streaming from your computer. It offers a possibility to edit your videos, share your computer screen and more. With Streamlabs you won't be able to invite more speakers at a time and create a panel discussion, which might make it a less convenient solution, but if you are planning to broadcast from one place (like a studio), or you have only one speaker, Streamlabs could be the right tool for you.

You can stream to various platforms and providers. Streamlabs supports YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, other less known platforms and even has its own RTMP server. Streaming to one single platform is free, but if you want to stream to multiple platforms at a time, you need to pay for the premium plan, which costs 19USD per month.

The basic plan is free.

Twitch Studio

Twitch Studio is a simple and well-arranged application that works only with Twitch. It allows you to customize your streams to fit your needs. You are able to comfortably set up all the information you want to share with your audience. At the same moment you can share your computer screen, text, countdown and, of course, also your camera.

Once you start your live stream, you just need to insert your stream link into the sessions you have created in your Eventee administration and begin engaging with your virtual audience.



This popular application for group video calls has newly added an option that allows you to stream the calls to YouTube and Facebook. If you are already familiar to Zoom and are using it on a regular basis, this tool is ideal for your virtual events.

Requires the Zoom Pro plan for $15/month.

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Mobile Applications

Facebook Live

As the name already suggests, this is a streaming tool that was launched by the social media platform Facebook. If you, your company or your event have an account on Facebook, you are only a step away from starting a broadcast right through the mobile app and all without any complicated setup. You can also use the app Creator Studio, which is another product of Facebook.

Eventee supports streaming from Facebook Live as well. You just need to again insert the live stream into the detail of your sessions that you have created in your event agenda.

A disadvantage of this tool might be the missing feature for sharing presentation slides. You are only able to share your camera.


Streamlabs Mobile

The application Streamlabs OBS is also available in a mobile version, which is called Streamlabs Mobile. The mobile version limits the user to one speaker at a time, just as it is in the desktop version. The supported services are the same as in the desktop version as well - you can stream to Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, or take advantage of its own RTMP server.

Streamlabs Mobile makes sharing of your phone or iPad screen possible. However, it is not possible to do that simultaneously with your camera. This is a restriction of iOS platform.

If you are planning to use Streamlabs on your phone, make sure you maintain your phone battery, as the application can easily drain it in just a few hours.

The basic plan is free.

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