Hello all! May has passed and it was a bit challenging for us, because we had to finish a lot of hard work on the development side which is hidden in the background of Eventee. However, besides the magical coding, we've also managed to make some awesome upgrades which directly impact you and your attendees! Pause your busy life for a while and read through them, it's awesome!

New awesome Dashboard

Dashboard has a new look! And it's a way more intuitive! Now you can easily download Magic Link and unique QR code for your event, preview the event in your phone and check the Utilization during the preparation process. We also separated the items which need your attention into different sections: Agenda, Features and Premium features for easier orientation. Check it out!

Possibility to register and login through LinkedIn

We added a possibility to register and login to Eventee (admin panel and Eventee app) through LinkedIn! If you register through LinkedIn, we will automatically fill in your Eventee profile with your name, surname and profile picture which you have on your LinkedIn profile. Super easy!

And how does it work for the attendees?

Demo for everyone in just two clicks!

As we had more and more requests for Eventee demo, we decided to place the ”Demo request panel” to our landing page. If you are curious about all the amazing things which Eventee can do, feel free to request for demo and we will schedule a Skype call with you. πŸ€—

Eventee is about to be in Chinese language! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

We are preparing Eventee in Chinese! So far, we managed to prepare the app and web in simplified Chinese and currently working on the traditional ones. Stay tuned, it's going to be ready soon!

And that's all from us for now! If you don't want to miss any news from Eventee world, subscribe to our newsletter which comes just ONCE in a month! ❀️

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