Hello everyone! Another month has gone by and as true busy bees we are introducing you the great upgrades from the Eventee world you definitely should not miss - let's find out what we are excited about this time! 🤩

#1 New looks of our app! 🎨

After a careful thought we finally decided, it is time to improve the looks of our app! Now we are more than happy to finally show you the result. What are your thoughts? Do you like the new design?

You don't have to be worried though, all the great features are still there, so you could still enjoy all the benefits that Eventee offers and won't be missing any feature. We just made everything look brighter and more pleasant to the eye. Our main focus is the user experience and we work hard to deliver that! 💪

#2 New feature - event websites are out! 🎉

Check out the new feature in your admin panel > settings. From now on every event will have its own website, which will be listed on our Eventee website. You just need to manage all the information you want to share! As an admin you can manage the following sections: About the event, Speakers, Schedule and Map.

In case you wanted to hold your event fully private, you have the option of hiding your website.

And what does it look like from the attendees' view? Your attendees can find your event through the event search bar on the Eventee website and it will lead them directly to your event website. Simple as that! They will have all the important information at one place - they just need to scroll down the page. It is a great way to show your attendees what they can expect and also to give them the reason to be even more excited for your event 😉

#3 Eventee has its product video! 🎬

Have you seen our product video? Every reason why you should use Eventee at your event in one short video - you are just one click away to watch it! Check out if you could find yourself struggling with same problems that are displayed in the video:

  • Unnecessary printing of booklets, that end up in trash anyway?
  • Spreadsheet madness?
  • Last-minute changes in the schedule?
  • Lack of questions for the Q&A Sessions?
  • Networking not effective?

Eventee offers you the solution for all of them and even more! 👍

Eventee product video

#4 Easy as pie! 🥧

Grab your favourite pie and coffee or tea and read through our blog full of inspiration for your events! We made some very practical changes in the blog section that will direct you to the desired page just by one single click.

New blog elements

Do you want to see the main Eventee page? - Just click on the logo! Do you want to get back to the list of blog articles? - Click on Home! Can‘t wait to create your own event-app for your event? - The Sign up button gets you right into the process! ❤️

#5 Norwegian is available! 🇳🇴

As you may have noticed, Eventee is working hard on its language skills and is speaking 5 languages by now - English, Czech, Chinese, German and now also Norwegian! Stay tuned to see which language will be next, because we are definitely not stopping here! One step closer to Eventee localisation!

Eventee speaks Norwegian!
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