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Event Industry 2021 and Beyond: How Events Shifted During Pandemic and What the Future Holds
A summary of the report Event Industry 2021 and Beyond. We surveyed 181 event managers all over the world and learned how they are dealing with the current pandemic times.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed many aspects not just in our lives but also in the approaches of affected industries, especially the event industry, which went through a big transformation literally from the ground up since the pandemic outbreak. The questions now are: What's next? Should I organize in-person, virtual, or hybrid events? Are other event managers experiencing and facing the same changes, issues, and challenges as I am? How they adapted to the new normal? What are the trends in the event industry for 2021 and beyond?

Take a few moments to fill out our research and find the answers to these burning questions about event industry trends that will ease the pains of the current uncertain times. We will also gladly promote your event business, as a thank you, by mentioning it in the resulting ebook, which we plan to promote through all Eventee channels, including paid ads.


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