Learn more about the latest Eventee tweaks that we are excited to introduce you in this news blog article!

πŸ“ Improved speaker bio

No more boring speaker profiles! Eventee newly supports formatted text and emojis. Simply write your speaker's bio and select the text you want to format.

After that you can choose an option to:

  • change the font size
  • make text bold or italic
  • create a bullet or ordered list
  • add a link
Formatted text in speaker bio
Formatted text in speaker bio

Eventee also allows you to add links to speaker's social media, so attendees can easily find and follow your speakers. We newly added Instagram to our list of supported social media platforms.

Social media links in the speaker's bio
Social media links in the speaker's bio

🎫  Improved ticketing integration

Let's boost your ticket sales with an additional sales point. Visitors can simply click the button that sends them right to your chosen ticketing platform.

Join event section on event homepage
Join event section on event homepage

The same button will appear on the login page if the visitor is not on the Allowlist.

Link to buy an event ticket
Link to buy an event ticket

Note that not every ticketing platform supports this option. It also works only when Allowlist is turned on.

πŸ”’ Hide ratings completely

To hide or not to hide? It's fully up to you! Attendees are still able to give ratings, however, it will be visible only in the organizer's administration.

βœ‰οΈ New looks of Eventee emails

Enjoy the new looks of all automated Eventee emails that bring a fresh breeze to your event communication. The attendee invitations now include your event banner and logo, so attendees can connect with your event immediately!

New attendee invitation email
New attendee invitation email

πŸ“– Event industry research

We are currently working on completing an ebook with event industry insights that resulted from our research. Join our Eventee Community group to get access to the most interesting survey results!

UPDATE: Download the report for free πŸ‘‡

[Download free ebook] - Event Industry Report 2021 and Beyond
181 event managers share insights and experience with event planning in pandemic times. Learn how the industry shifted and what to expect in 2021 and beyond.

πŸ‘€ What is coming up next?

We appreciate all your feedback and suggestions. It helps us better understand your needs and improve Eventee. Check our roadmap to find all the features we plan. You are also welcomed to join our community group on Facebook to see early sneak peeks!

Here are some of the upcoming updates you can look forward to:

  • Improved design of the event homepage
  • The possibility to change the order of speakers
  • Partners categorization
  • Improved account management
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