A conference venue could either make your event unforgettable or ruin the whole content. There are many aspects which need to be considered when organizing the event. Some of them are necessary and obvious to take into consideration, but some of them are just nice-to-have elements which complete the overall impression and make your attendees feel great. That's why we have interviewed our current clients and came up with these 9 tips which make the best conference venue according to their experience. Check it out and make your event unforgettable!

Easy access

Generally, your location should be as central as possible because of public transportation. This aspect could differ according to the city where you organize the event, and you should also consider the attendees and the type of transportation they use. If you expect that your attendees are going to arrive in their cars, you should think about the parking places or choose the venue which has its own parking spots. If you are expecting attendees from abroad, you need to consider the transportation from the airport. Besides transportation and parking, you should consider whether there are hotels and restaurants around to make it more comfortable for your attendees.

Technology facilities

If you have your own technology, you don't need to consider this. However, if you need support, the high-quality AV installation is a must have of any venue. Moreover, check the number of microphones and whether it is sufficient (if you have more than one conference room), and the availability of a Wi-Fi not just for you as organizers, but also for the attendees because nowadays it is almost from all of them required.

Optimal capacity

Make sure that you have optimal seating capacity - not too big and not too small. Each of the attendees should have a chair and some space to relax or network during breaks. If they need to use laptops during sessions, make sure they will have a space in front of them. Moreover, each of the attendees should have kitchen equipment secured - and if not, ensure a human capacity to clean the dishes during the event.

Besides the capacity, you should take into consideration a seating layout. Depending on the kind of interaction you want your attendees to have, you can choose from a boardroom to cabaret style.

Catering and staff

Catering is an essential part of a conference, especially when you plan a long whole-day event. Some of the venues don't allow the event organizers to hire their own catering firm and you need to accept their in-house catering service. This is an aspect which you need to find out and consider in advance. The same works for the staff. If you have your own conference team, you should coordinate them with the venue staff and properly set the responsibilities.

If you have the catering secured, make sure you know all the diets and allergies of your attendees. Send the registration form or a questionnaire where you can find out these restrictions and be properly prepared. Don't hesitate to ask also for the drinking preferences. If you plan for example a networking party, ask your attendees what they want to drink.

Lastly, always think about the target group of your event. If your attendees are for example millennials, they will probably prefer good and vintage coffee. Ask for cooperation some of the small mobile coffee stands and make them satisfied.

Other facilities

Besides parking which is mentioned above, you should think about aspects like air conditioning, especially when you plan an event during the summer months, or enough electrical plugs, if your attendees need to use laptops. If your conference is more than one day, you should also think about the possible accommodation at the venue or near the venue so the attendees don't need to travel too far.

Moreover, you should think about cleaning at the venue. Do they have enough recycling bins? Is the cleaning secured from the venue staff or do you need to do it by yourself?

Easy orientation

Especially when you plan a large event with more than one conference room, you need to think about making the orientation for your attendees as easy as possible. Ensure to display the names of the rooms on visible places and ensure all of your attendees have maps and know where and when they need to be. An awesome tool which helps you with this is a mobile event app Eventee - where you can place maps for your attendees so that they won't be confused. The attendees can create their own schedule and choose from parallel lectures and before every lecture, they will get the notification. Check it out!

Relax zone and Networking space

A nice relax zone can help the attendees to clear their head during breaks and prepare them for the following lectures. You can bring bean bags, pillows, books, whatever makes them feel comfortable. The room should be silent and separated from other rooms. Besides that, you shouldn't forget to a networking zone. Some open space where the attendees can gather and talk during the breaks.

Photo corner

Having a photo corner is almost a must-have at every conference. Attendees can enjoy a fun there and share some cool pictures from your event at social media pages (which means the easy promotion of your event 😊). Besides paper props, you can prepare funny costumes, signs, etc. In addition, you can hire a support company like for example Printka, which secures a printing machine at your event so your attendees can take away all the cool photos and have a nice memory.

Accompanying program

Accompanying program at the venue is an added bonus which helps you to create the overall impression. You should adjust the program to your target group and come up with something that your attendees will really enjoy. It could be virtual reality, a game console connected to a large screen where the attendees can compete with each other, educational workshops, reading space, etc. Imagination has no limits!

The right venue with all the accompanying goodies is vital for your event success. Keeping all these aspects in mind ensures a great experience to all of your attendees. And satisfied attendees are the ones who are participating again. So take your time and choose the place and the accompanying program wisely. We wish you good luck!

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