Hey there! We are super excited to introduce you all the amazing changes we've made! Thanks to all your feedback, we were able to improve your overall experience and ensure you will get the most from Eventee. We've been working so hard past few months and here are the results. Enjoy!

New intuitive Administration

We've optimized the functions' placement to ensure your smooth orientation in Admin menu. The left rail now has only few categories which are containing all the tools you use. Everything is ordered the right way, more intuitive, more beautiful.

Completely reworked Agenda planner

It has never been easier to create a program for your event. If you are familiar with any calendar application, it is going to be natural to you because it is based on the same principles. Moreover, speakers are now inside the agenda planner so the orientation is much easier.

Networking function you can count on

Networking is not in Beta version anymore! Thanks to this feature, the attendees can make new business connections and find valuable contacts right at your event.

Fresh new Pricing model

We've prepared three pricing models to suit your needs. You can choose from Free, Premium and Enterprise versions. Everything is clearly explained on the pricing tab. Pick up your price and get started with Eventee!

More affordable Enterprise package with monthly payment

We've listened to your wishes and changed the payment policy for Enterprise package. Now it is just up to you if you want to have 3, 6 or 9 months long licence. Enjoy unlimited events with unlimited visitors, unlimited rooms and days, and all the amazing features with more affordable price!

Reincarnation of Blog

With new year come New-Year's resolutions. We have decided to start with regular writing of blog posts - tips and tricks, case studies and interviews. We will use our base of clients who are willing to share their ideas and best practices in order to spread the word to you. Amazing, right? So don't forget to follow us and stay in touch!

That's all form us for now. We are continuing with improvements and bug fixes. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please, let us know at hello@eventee.co


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