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A mobile application for the 21st century


More Than You Think

A mobile app that everyone will fall in love with. Eventee has been developed with attention to high quality and speed. Our application is fully native, not a slow and inexpensive web application that looks like a mobile application. We placed great emphasis on simple and intuitive controls during design and development, yet Eventee has advanced features too.

Live questions New

Participants can ask the speaker questions in real time – they just need to be online.

Live feedback

The best way to measure the satisfaction of your conference participants. Eventee users send up to 25 times more feedback than users of other competing solutions.

Quick creation.

A mobile app can be created in just a few moments. Just add the basic description, date and logo of the conference. Our nifty web app is going to help you create your conference program.

Everything you create can be viewed in real-time in the Eventee mobile app. Once you're satisfied with your creation, you can distribute an app to your visitors by pressing a single button.


Features you'll fall in love with

Eventee is a simple yet powerful tool for your conference. Thanks to its sophisticated design, it allows a high level of interaction (communication) between organizers and visitors.

With two clicks, each user can create their own program, check what's new or rate the current speaker. No more crumpled papers and confused visitors running around.

All your tools in one place.

The visitor is always in first place for the conference organizer. Thanks to Eventee, you get feedback like never before. We will help you to get useful data which would be impossible without mobile apps.

People love the opportunity to rate presentations and speakers in real-time, directly at the conference. No one wants to answer complex questionnaires sent by e-mail after the conference. Our customers report a 1,000% increase in feedback compared to e-mail.


Affordable Pricing

Get your very own fully native iOS and Android app with your own design at a price that would be barely enough for one day of in-house development.



  • Your event in our free Eventee app
  • Up to 100 visitors
  • One room and day only
  • One event
  • Limited News feed
  • No premium features

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Per event
  • Your very own app with custom icon and design
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Unlimited rooms and days
  • One event
  • Unlimited News feed
  • Live questions

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  • Your very own app with custom icon and design
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Unlimited rooms and days
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited News feed
  • Live questions, API access

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Happy Customers

Join thousands of satisfied customers using our app globally.

Thanks to Eventee, we were able to prepare a great conference app for mDevCamp's visitors. It was enough to prepare the conference program and a few other little things, and in a few days our applications were waiting for us. Great!

Michal Šrajer
AVAST Software s.r.o.

We have been using Eventee for the second year and we are extremely happy. The application is very precisely prepared, everything is 100% tested and on time. I cannot imagine the organization of the conference without this helpful tool. It is a way for us to communicate with the participants and have immediate feedback from them.

Aneta Drábková
GrowJob, s.r.o.

For our conference we were looking for a mobile app supplier. Touch Art has met our expectations at 100% and enabled simple program orientation for conference visitors. I appreciate the cooperation, mainly high commitment, fast response and seamless communication.

Michal Acler
Game Developer Session
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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

How does the free version work?

Anyone can use our free Eventee app, which includes a screen with a list of all conferences. If you choose to use the Free version, your event will appear in this list.

What does a custom design mean?

You are gonna get your own app on the App Store and Google Play, with your own icon, logo and custom colors. The app is meant exclusively for your event.

I have my own web application, can I use the API?

Yes, we offer API access for Standard and Business. So far, it is possible to update the application program. In the next version, you will be able to share the login information between Eventee and your site.

How do I pay for the service?

For now, only bank transfer and PayPal are available. The next version will include a payment gateway.

What are the benefits of Eventee for my conference?

From our experience, 60% + visitors use mobile apps. Our average rating is 4.5⭐. The organizer collects an average of 100 times more data than using email questionnaires.

How long does it take for a conference to appear in an app?

Usually your conference will appear in the application without 24 hours. If you have a standard or business package then you need to add Apple's approval time, which can be up to 7 days.

Unlimited number of Business Edition conferences?

This is a special version of the app that is suitable for businesses, organizations, or schools that hold more events within one year. A business version is always one application that lists all the conferences holded by the organizer.

Optional access restriction in the Business Edition

Organizer has the ability to restrict access to a closed group of people. e.g. Corporate training where only employees have access, school classes, only students, etc. This feature is not active and needs to be turned on.

What statistics can I get from my events?

We are constantly working on statistics. You will see which presentation was the most successful, how many users voted, how many visitors preferred the presentation, how many users downloaded your application, and much more!