12 - 14 May, 2021

Canmore, AB, Canada
A YOUTH LED, DESIGNED, AND ORGANIZED ENVIRONMENTAL SUMMIT. Designed to educate, elevate, and empower youth around the environmental issues affecting their shared mountain and wild spaces. THE THEME OF THIS YEAR'S SUMMIT 'Turning Hope into Action.' May 12, 6-9 pm is the opening ceremonies an a CAMPFIRE BENEFIT CONCERT. Wednesday evening is open to the public and designed to elevate youth voices, inspire, and kick off the Summit. May 13-14, 9 am - 5 pm, is two full days of expert panels, inspiring key note speakers, workshops, action projects, and nature breaks. Events are designed to connect youth across Alberta on environmental issues. Youth will be empowered with the knowledge and skills required to take action and be environmental leaders in their communities.


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12 - 14


Canmore, AB, Canada


Daryl Kootenay
 Veronica Whitney-Crosland, Manager of  Environmental Compliance, Lake Louise Ski Resort
Justina Ray, President and Senior Scientist of Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada
Jodi Conuel, Shift  Program Coordinator, Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley
Adam Robb, Environmental Energy & Innovations HS Teacher, Central Memorial High School
Mila, Environmental Educator, Inside Education
Lucas Braun
Nahanni McKay, Metis Artist & Photographer
Damase Anderson Camacho
Ben Pelto
Lisa Christensen, author & hiking guide
Dr. Leroy Little Bear
Emily Beaudoin, Artist, Rockies Repeat
Cowboy Smithx - Award Winning Filmmaker & First Nation Expert, Redx Talks Founder
Alexander Stratmoen
Paulette Dube, Creative
Molly Segal, Creator of Bear 148 Podcast
Anna Saders
Sarah Elmeligi, PHD Conservation Scientist and Author of "What Bears Teach Us"
Ben Green, YOUTH Founder of the Canadian Rockies Youth Summit
Sadie Vipond, YOUTH Climate Change Activist
Amelie Patterson, Bow Valley folk-pop singer-songwriter
Luna Kuwano, YOUTH founder of Banff Isn't Disposable
Brooklynn M-F, Youth and Founder of Vintage Clothing Store
Caroline Hedin, Founder and Filmmaker of Rockies Repeat
John Paczkowski, Park Ecologist, Alberta Parks
Bill Snow, Stoney Nakoda Consultation Manager, Coordinated Traditional Knowledge Study of Grizzly Bears in the Kananaskis
Ava Vanderbeek, Grade 11 Student, Canadian Rockies Youth Network Summit Organizer
Nick De Ruyter, Wildsmart Program Director, Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley
Sanne Van Der Ros, Parks Canada Environmental Educator at Palisades Centre Jasper National Park
Casey Pex, Yoga Teacher in Training
Brooks Arcand-Paul, Indigenous Lawyer from Alexander First Nation
Latasha Calf Robe, Blackfoot (Niitsitapi) Founder of the Niitsitapi water protectors
Becky Best-Bertwistle, Conservation Engagement Coordinator of CPAWS Southern Alberta
Vicki Perkins, Environmental Educator and Coordinator for the Freshwater Field School, Alberta Parks
Mallory Kosterski, Youth Engagement Coordinator, Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Land Acknowledgement Ceremony

Main Stage

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Campfire Benefit Concert - Youth Activist Speeches, Musicians, and Artist Storytelling

Main Stage