The 🎉EPIC🎉 Christian Writing Intensive

4 June, 2021

Learn how to write Christian children's books and novels with race and nation diversity. Bookmap your wholesome children's fiction in this epic workshop. You will not have access unless you have paid first. Make sure you pay here: ✨✨

The 🎉EPIC🎉 Christian Writing Intensive

Learn how to write Christian fiction for today in this epic intensive run by a born-again Christian book editor, artist, and book reviewer. Bookmap your children's fiction novel packed with interesting characters of race and nation diversity and glorify God. This intensive is great for aspiring Christian authors who want to write fantastic Christian novels from elementary chapter books to new adult novels. Find out what your book needs to rise to the top when other Christian books fail. Learn how to get published without compromising the doctrine.

TIPS: On the day of the event, get comfy while you learn. Make sure your device is connected to a printer and have a 1/4" binder ready for your homework. I can't wait to mentor you LIVE through an EPIC adventure.

You will not have full access unless you have paid first. Make sure you pay here: ✨