Transform 2021

1 - 3 March, 2021

New South Wales, Australia
Transform is the 30-day challenge for real estate professionals.

Transform 2021

Year after year we gather the top professionals in and out of the real estate industry to guide you on your 30 day challenge journey. Implement lessons from these amazing speakers and build your business in 2021!

When you join Transform 2021, you

  • Become part of a community
  • Can ask coaching questions
  • Implement what you learn
  • Could win some cash!

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1 - 3

Transform 2021

New South Wales, Australia


Chris Helder
Andrew Moore
Emma Mehaffey
Grant Smith
Hannah Gill
Hayley Van de Ven
Imogen Callister
Kirk Stafford
Matt Lahood
Tara Bradbury
Will Honey
Samantha McLean
Brock Fisher
Scott Bateman
David Webb
Will Ainsworth
Anton Babkov
Mitch Burgin
Growth Lead
Ellen Farley
Claudio Encina
Tom Ferry
Aleksandra Wocial


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Dollar-Productivity redefined

Elite Room

Samantha McLean

Direct Connect
Openn Negotiation