In this webinar we are going to Unleash the secret of creating wealth with the next Multi Trillion $ market in Metaverse, Blockchain and Virtual Reality (Web 3.0)

A few reasons why you must invest in Metaverse and other blockchain based virtual reality platforms.

→ As per Morgan Stanley Sees $8 Trillion Metaverse Market — In China Alone as it replaces the mobile internet with a more “immersive experience.”

→ Gartner Predicts 25% of People Will Spend At Least One Hour Per Day in the Metaverse by 2026 and that is why the Metaverse is transitioning into New Business Models that extend to all Digital Businesses, be it Education, Ecom, Hospitality, Real Estate, Hotel, Health, Aviation and more.

So why are you still not investing in Metaverse? If You Don't Add Metaverse in your Investment Portfolio now it will go to your Competitors.

Remember the cost of not investing in this huge opportunity NOW is higher than any risks involved.

We at BringleVerse- Bringle Metaverse are developing the world's largest cross border inclusive and patented (EduFinTech) metaverse platform. We are in search of 100 startups in unique and different domains and industries who will be supported and funded by DesignYourUnicorn Fund, eventually developing the Multi Domain metaverse of metaverses.

This is why we are Introducing Your Ticket to the Multi Trillion Dollar Metaverse Economy. Join this pre-meet (Virtually) and interact with Anshav Jain (Founder and MD: Bringle Excellence UK and India).

PS: Anshav Jain is being awarded in Dubai on 23rd-25th March for being an outstanding leader in Education & will be conducting a physical Investor meet up on 26th March 2022 (Saturday).

Join us now for a pre-discussion and network along with other fellow investors.

Unleash Your Virtual Reality Ticket to the Multi Trillion Dollar Metaverse Economy


Anshav Jain
Investor | Mentor | Founder & MD- Bringle UK and India Bringle Global


19:00 - 21:00

Multi Trillion Dollar Investment Opportunity in Metaverse

Investment Opportunity in Metaverse

Anshav Jain

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