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Get feedback from your attendees instantly through Eventee and evaluate your event in real time.

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Live Feedback

Take a look at your event from the attendees’ perspective. Feedback is an important part of every event. It provides you data and helps you improve. With Eventee you will receive an amount of feedback like never before.

Real-time Ratings

Attendees can rate each session individually with 1-5 stars. Ratings are visible in real time, so whenever a user rates a session, you will immediately see how much they enjoyed it.

Space for Feedback and Comments

In addition to the simple star rating, attendees have the opportunity to contribute with more extensive feedback as well. They can share comments and express their opinion about the speaker, presentation, content, etc.

Performance Overview

Session insights show how your sessions are performing, based on ratings and comments you received from your attendees. Eventee provides you with an overview where you can compare each session to one another in detail.

Evaluate Your Event Instantly

Thanks to the real-time analytics tool, you are able to instantly evaluate your event from different aspects.

Use the collected data for analysis and summaries that will help you improve the attendee experience for your future events.

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