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Powerful Event Analytics

Eventee offers a tool that collects your event data and puts them in clean and neat visuals. Feedback and event’s data are crucial for event evaluation, which helps you improve the attendee experience at your future events.

User Analytics

Get to know your attendees better with the Eventee analytics tool. Eventee will show you the number of attendees who joined your event on Eventee, what operating systems they are using, or how they rate your sessions on average.

Session Insights

Take a deeper look into your event sessions and learn how each of them performs. This section displays all the ratings and comments of each session in real time, so you will know right away what attendees enjoyed the most. You are also able to see how many times a session has been put into the attendee’s personal program.

Networking Statistics

Observe the rising number of users joining the networking session through Eventee. You are also able to see the number of interactions made between the users, like how many of them got matched, or how many messages have been sent.

Newsfeed Engagement

The newsfeed feature allows you to create posts with push notifications that no attendee will miss. You can see it for yourself by looking at the newsfeed engagement indicators. These numbers show how many users have seen your posts, and whether they liked or disliked them.

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