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Easily plan the whole event program with all the stages, sessions, and speakers. Let your attendees build their personal event schedule right in the app.

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Event Schedule

Eventee allows you to create events with multiple stages and days. The easy-to-use interface and beautiful design make Eventee an app that not just you, but also your attendees will actually love to use.

Program Planning

Eventee offers a user-friendly tool for program planning, which helps you create a beautiful and well-arranged program in a few minutes. Any changes are instantly visible in the app, so your event program will always be up to date.

Types of Sessions

You can create different types of sessions, based on your needs. If you’d like to limit the number of attendees on a session, choose Workshop and simply let attendees book their seats. For a coffee break between the sessions, choose Break.

Session Details

You can provide additional information in the detail of each session. Write a session description, share the speaker’s bio, or upload files that attendees can download. You can share presentations or other documents and materials.

Personalized Program

Attendees can build their own program with notifications to make sure that they won’t miss any sessions they want to attend.

Help attendees keep on track with the topics they are interested in, by adding Tracks to each session. Attendees can then easily filter topics they favor.

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