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Choose from a list of supported platforms and integrate them with Eventee to easily customize the functionality. Manage your data across platforms and automate your workflow.

Connect With More Than 3 000 Apps

The integration with Zapier allows you to connect Eventee with more than 3 000 different apps at a time and automate your routine tasks, so you can focus on things that matter the most.

Connect with more than 3 000 apps with Zapier


Sell your tickets through supported ticketing platforms you can integrate, and save your time in the process of filling in attendee's profiles and sending invitations. Attendees will have their tickets right in the app, ready for check-in.


Email Marketing

Integrate Mailchimp with Eventee to easily convert attendees into your contacts, or vice versa, and start your beautiful targeted email marketing campaigns via Mailchimp.

Email marketing

Public API

If you didn't find the integration you were looking for, don't panic. Eventee provides an API you can use to connect it with your own CRM, ticketing, e-mail or any other systems.

Public API
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