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Engage attendees with live polls during your event sessions. Collect votes and get attendees’ opinions in real time.

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Live Polls

Create unlimited polls to ask your attendees about their opinion on certain topics and let them vote through the Eventee mobile or web app.

Polls Without Limits

Add polls to each of your sessions to engage attendees during presentations. You are not limited by the number of polls, you can create as many as you want, including the answers attendees can vote for.

Get Opinion Instantly

Whenever an attendee sends a vote, it will instantly be included in the final results. The results will show you how many users have already voted and the percentage of votes for each answer.

Super Easy to Respond

You are more likely to get answers when your attendees don’t have to go through a complicated voting process. With Eventee they can easily respond through their mobile phones. It takes only 2 clicks to send a response!

Show Results in Projector mode

You can display the results live on your projector to spice up your presentations with some real-time data from attendees that you can summarise right in front of them.

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