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Let attendees ask questions to speakers through Eventee mobile and web app. Real-time questions with an upvoting system engage attendees during Q&A sessions.

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Live Q&A

Every question matters. Eventee enables your attendees to ask questions to speakers in real time and gives the space to vote for the ones they would like to discuss. Only the highest ranked questions make it to Top 10 on your projector.

Ask Questions in Real Time

Attendees can have their questions answered on the spot, as they will appear on Eventee right away.

Let attendees ask questions right from their mobile phones or desktops and eliminate the fear of public speaking.

Moderate Incoming Questions

Ensure the smooth flow of every Q&A session by filtering out inappropriate or duplicate questions. As an admin, you can approve or reject questions before they are visible to the attendees. You can also archive the already answered questions.

Projector Mode

Questions that have been approved can be displayed on the projector, so everybody can see them on a big screen. It is also more engaging for attendees to be able to easily contribute and keep up with the Q&A session.

Upvoting System

Eventee ranks questions based on the number of upvotes from attendees that each question gets. This system puts the most popular questions on top, so they could be answered first.


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