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Keep attendees updated through Newsfeed with push notifications. Announce changes in the event schedule, inform about upcoming sessions or send reminders.

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With this magical feature, you can effectively communicate with your attendees. The push notifications ensure they will not miss anything and stay updated throughout your event. Posts can be sent in real time or scheduled for a specific time.

Real-Time Communication

The Newsfeed feature works amazing for last-minute changes in the event schedule, as it allows you to send real-time posts to everyone at once. Share important information or just set a positive mood by asking attendees how they are doing.

Push Notification

Whenever you send attendees a message, a push notification will appear on their mobile devices, and they don’t have to be in the app or even using the device at that moment.

Engaging Posts

Your posts do not have to look dull. Eventee supports posts with formatted text, emojis, links, pictures, and GIF files. Let your creativity run wild and attract attendees’ attention!

Post Interactions

Attendees can rate each of your sent posts with a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down. You are also able to see how many attendees have seen your posts and make sure that everybody is aware of the update.
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