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Create engaging partner profiles to easily showcase and share information about your sponsors and exhibitors.

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Event App for Partner Showcase


Eventee allows you to create interactive profiles, through which you can share information for attendees, and at the same time, help your partners raise brand awareness.

Increase Brand Exposure

Eventee helps your partners and sponsors get in the spotlight right at attendees' fingertips while they use the Eventee app, which makes it impossible to miss.

Increase Brand Exposure

Fully Customizable Profiles

Creating profiles is as easy as creating a website in a web builder. You just need to select the desired sections and fill in the content. Choose from text blocks and images to files, buttons, and links.

Fully Customizable Profiles

Interactive Elements

Eventee allows you to add action buttons and links to your partners' profiles. Share contacts, web, or social media buttons to connect attendees with your partners.

Interactive Elements

Presentation on Homepage

There are two ways how you can showcase your sponsors on your event's homepage. The partner profiles are fully customizable and provide more detailed information. The second option is to share only the partners' logos that take attendees right to your partners' websites.

Presentation on Homepage
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