Free Homepage for Your Virtual or In-Person Event

With Eventee, you will automatically get a free homepage for each of the events you create. Fill in all the information once and let attendees access your event content from all Eventee platforms.

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Free homepage for your Virtual or In-person event

Easy Editor for Your Event Homepage

Eventee builds your event homepage automatically out of the content you have created for your agenda, so you need to provide all the information you would like to share only once. The page is divided into sections, which can be ordered or made invisible.

  1. 1
    Easily Create Your Event Agenda

    Create your content only once and share it across Eventee! The homepage is generated automatically out of your event agenda, so you don't need to create everything from scratch.

  1. 2
    Preview Privately

    As your agenda grows, you can easily check how your homepage will look like before you go public by using the private preview mode.

  1. 3
    Share Access to Your Homepage

    Share your event with one single click. Once you are ready to kick off your awesome event, hit the Publish button.

About Your Event

You can add an additional description of your event and make it more resonating with your visitors. Upload an event promotion video to create an engaging experience.

About your event


A well-organized schedule is crucial for attendees to not get lost in the whirlpool of all the stages and sessions. With Eventee you can create one within minutes, thanks to the user-friendly interface that makes it as easy as using a calendar on your computer.



Each session can be labeled with colorful tracks based on the topic of the session. These tracks are filterable and always keep your attendees on track of their favorite topics.


We have been using Eventee for the second year, and we are extremely happy. The application is very precisely prepared, everything is 100 % tested and on time. I cannot imagine the organization of a conference without this helpful tool. It is a way for us to communicate with the participants and have immediate feedback from them.

Aneta Martinek, GrowJOB Institute

Aneta Martinek


Speakers are the people who bring the main content to your event. Manage the information about them easily in your admin and promote them to your attendees through the event homepage.


Custom Menu

If you are missing any feature or additional textfield, Custom menu is the right solution for you. Custom menu allows you to create buttons with different actions and contents - you can link to PDF files, other web pages or applications, insert an image, like a venue map or a plain text document that will appear as a popup.

Provide recommendations for hotels and restaurants around your venue, help with navigation, public transport, etc.

Custom menu

Partners and Sponsors

Eventee helps you attract more sponsors and partners to your event, thanks to fully customizable partner profiles with contacts, images, texts, and action buttons that you can promote right through the event homepage. You can also create a touchpoint with all the sponsors' logos.

This feature is available also on the Eventee mobile app.

Partners and sponsors

Create Your First Event Homepage With Eventee

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