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Increase engagement at your event with a state of the art mobile app that engages attendees through awesome features, like live questions and polls, tinder-like networking, and a lot more.

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An In-Person Event App That Attendees Actually Love to Use

Easy to share, easy to access, easy to use.


The whole program accessible on mobile phones. Attendees can personalize their event schedule.


Let attendees create valuable connections effortlessly. The Tinder-like feature ensures relevant connections.

Push Notifications

Thanks to the Newsfeed feature with push notifications, nobody will ever miss any important message.

Live Feedback

Attendees can rate sessions and provide valuable feedback that helps you evaluate your event.

Custom Branding

Modify the looks of the app to match it with your event or company brand and create connection with attendees.


Promote your partners right through the app. Let the audience learn more about your sponsors and exhibitors.

Simple Event Program

80 % of attendees believe the program is the most important feature of any event app. That is why we put extra care into this section. No more furious switching between sessions and stages, the whole program is available on one simple screen.

Attendees can also create their fully personalized programs with notifications, which ensure that they will never miss any sessions they are interested in.

Tinder-Like Networking

A one of a kind Tinder-like networking tool that helps attendees meet new people and create valuable connections with respect to their privacy.

What makes our networking tool better than the other solutions available on the market? Eventee shows only users who are interested in connecting with the other users, instead of providing a list of all attendees. Only basic information is shared across the app, private information is shared only within users who have matched.

Our approach saves attendees’ time and ensures smooth connections without awkwardness.

Engage Attendees With Push Notifications

There is no better way to engage with your audience than via push notifications. Share posts with important information that simply can’t be missed. All posts can be scheduled or sent anytime during your event via the mobile app. You can promote your partners, announce last-minute changes or simply ask how your attendees are doing.

Oh, and forget the boring posts! Eventee supports GIF files, images, and emojis.

We were truly satisfied with Eventee last year, and we are looking forward to use Eventee even more at WebExpo 2019! The most appreciated feature by our attendees was networking similar to Tinder. We, as event organizers, appreciated the real-time feedback.
Šárka Štrossová, WebExpo

Live Audience Feedback

Did you know that the fear of public speaking is believed to affect up to 75 % of the population? Spare yourself the nightmare of a pin drop silent panel discussion and microphone relay race with Eventee Live questions and polls. Let your audience share real-time feedback in polls and ask questions or upvote existing ones right through their mobile phones. The questions can be moderated, so you don’t need to worry about inappropriate questions.

The results of polls and the most upvoted questions can be presented in projector mode.

Customize the Looks of Eventee

Create a remarkable event experience by customizing the looks of the Eventee app and help attendees feel more connected to your brand. The feature Custom branding allows you to customize the main banner and colors of the app to match it with your event.

Moreover, Eventee enables a branded homepage for your event via CNAME. This feature allows you to use the homepage created by Eventee with your own domain.

Promote Event Sponsors

An important part of any event is the event’s sponsorship and partnership. Eventee offers you an opportunity to showcase them right at attendees’ fingertips, which makes it practically hard to be overlooked. Having a dedicated place for promotion is also a great way to attract more sponsors to your event.

Each sponsor or partner profile is fully customizable and accessible from both homepage and the mobile app.

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