Beautiful Mobile App for In-person or Hybrid Events

Increase engagement at your event using a simple event mobile app. Our customers report that up to 80% of attendees use the app during the event. Eventee is an app that attendees simply love to use!

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Most Easy-to-Use Event Mobile App

The Eventee mobile app offers a whole bunch of powerful features, but never at the expense of a user-friendly interface. Enjoy an all-in-one solution that will help you maximize the event experience without overwhelming your attendees.


Share a Quick Download Link

Thanks to the magic link, invited users don’t need to go through a long signup process, which often leaves them stuck at the profile form. They can join with one click!


Accompany Your Attendees

With Eventee mobile app you can take attendees through the whole event. Each user has access to all information, like program, notifications, and also to interactive features.


Evaluate Your Event

Observe how attendees are using the app and find out what content resonates with them the most. Collect your event data and improve your future events.

Event App That Works offline

Does the poor Wi-Fi connection at the venues give you and your attendees a hard time? Stay calm, Eventee works well even offline! Attendees have permanent access to your event program and the basic functions of Eventee.

Real-time Updates of Your Program

Your content will never be outdated. Eventee makes all your changes in the program instantly visible, so you can be sure that your attendees will always have the most recent information that they can simply open on their mobile phones.

All Features at Your Fingertips

Eventee is a super easy-to-use mobile app, and yet, it provides all features your event needs. You don’t have to use anything else, except your mobile phone, which you have by yourself all the time anyway.

Eventee helps me sleep better! I've always been under enormous stress because of last-minute changes. Thanks to Eventee, it's not a problem anymore, because whenever something like that happens, we can immediately inform our attendees or make changes in the program, which are instantly visible. Thank you Eventee for making our events greater!
Veronika Čechová, Masaryk University Career Centre

Powerful Networking

You know that feeling…there are just too many people at the event, and you really want to make new valuable connections, but you don’t know where to start. Eventee is the solution!

With our Tinder-like Networking tool, attendees can quickly filter out other attendees that have common interests. If they feel the same, it’s a match! Once two attendees match, they can start their conversation right through the app and share their private data.

This approach helps attendees save their time by focusing only on relevant connections.


Staying in touch with your attendees has never been easier. Each attendee will receive a push notification whenever you send a message through Newsfeed. Announce important information, or entertain your attendees with funny GIFs and images throughout your event.

Our customers report 2-3x more attendee engagement when they share messages via Newsfeed in comparison to other solutions.

Live Interaction

Attendees can use the mobile app to interact with the speakers, event organizers, and also with other attendees. They can easily share comments, rate sessions, or ask live questions and vote in polls. Everything in real time and right through their mobile phones.

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