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Last update: 1.10.2017


Mutual rights and obligations of the User and Administrator resulting from the use of the Application are subject to these terms and conditions:

  • In these terms and conditions:
  • “Administrator” is the company of Touch Art, s.r.o., Reg. No.: 29307236, registered office at Kubešova 2, 612 00 Brno;
  • “Application” means the web application titled Eventee whose main functionalities include creating and organizing conferences and other events, provision of a mobile application that is available at www.eventee.co;
  • “Agreement” means the agreement concluded between the User and Administrator the subject of which is to provide the User with a License to use the Application hereunder;
  • “License” means a non-exclusive license to use the Application hereunder;
  • “User” means any natural or legal person other than the Administrator using the Application;
  • “User Account” means the non-public part of the Application that is available to the User after entering their Login Details;
  • “Login Details” mean a unique combination of User name and password chosen by the User that the User saves in the Application database when creating their User Account through the Application and/or which is automatically generated by the Application for the User;
  • “GTC” mean these General Terms and Conditions.
Process of Concluding an Agreement on Using the Application
  • Displaying the “Register” button in the user interface of the Application is an offer by the Administrator.
  • By clicking the “Register” button, User fully accepts the offer and thereby the Agreement is concluded by the User.
  • By clicking the “Register” button, User also agrees to these GTC and the Administrator shall inform the User thereabout in the user interface of the Application.
  • By concluding the Agreement, the following provisions hereof enter into force and effect.
Using the Application
  • Administrator grants the User a License to the extent and under the conditions specified in the user interface of the Application, in particular specified for the relevant type of User Account.
  • User agrees to pay a fee to the Administrator for granting the License in the amount specified in the user interface of the Application; and if no fee is specified for the relevant way of use (in particular for the relevant User Account), the license shall be granted free of charge.
  • In the case that the License is granted for a fee, Administrator is entitled to provide the performance of the Agreement (e.g. to make the relevant part or functionality of the Application available) only after the fee for the License is paid, and if the User fails to pay the fee for the License in full within the deadline determined by the Administrator, or otherwise immediately, the Agreement shall be cancelled from the outset without any more conditions.
  • User must not set up more than one User Account.
  • User has no right to sublicense a third party to use the Application.
  • Administrator is entitled to put the Application or a part thereof out of operation, modify it and/or disable it from the relevant web address at any time and for whatever reason.
  • User has the right to use the Application under the terms of the Agreement, as amended, available at the relevant web address.
  • When using the Application, User agrees to act in such a way to prevent any damage to them or to the Administrator.
  • User has no right to utilize the Application-related database through the Application by means of machine-processing (in particular by so-called software robots).
  • User and Administrator hereby agree that any data inserted into the Application database by the User are part of the database collected by the Administrator and shall become part of the Administrator’s database, while the User’s conduct described in this paragraph shall not give the User any right to the Application database.
  • The Parties understand and unanimously declare and make it indisputable that the Application meets the conditions determined in provision of Sec. 562 para. 2 of the Civil Code, therefore, that recorded data in the Application and its database, as an electronic system, are reliable and are carried out systematically and sequentially and they are protected against changes.
Personal Data and Cookies.
  • User’s Consent to Administrator’s Using Cookies stated in Annex 1 hereto is an integral part of the Agreement.
  • User’s Consent to the Processing of Personal Data by the Administrator stated in Annex 2 hereto is an integral part of the Agreement.
  • Provisions of this Article hereof shall not apply to consumers.
  • User hereby expressly waives their right to damages from the Administrator caused inadvertently or not as a result of gross negligence by the Administrator due to any breach of the Administrator’s obligations specified in the Agreement in connection with the performance of the Agreement or these GTC.
Amendments to GTC
  • User acknowledges that the Administrator concludes the Agreement in the ordinary course of trade with a larger number of persons and the Agreements are long-term by their nature binding to repeated performance of the same type with reference hereto. The Parties make undisputable that the nature of the Administrator’s obligations hereunder shows and has already showed prior to the conclusion of the Agreement a reasonable need for subsequent amendments to these GTC
  • In the case that a new Agreement for an existing User Account (i.e. the User Account is renewed or extended) is concluded, it is subject to GTC as amended at the date of concluding such an Agreement.
Applicable law
  • These GTC as well as the Agreement are governed by Czech law, in particular by Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended.
  • Any dispute arising under the Agreement and/or these GTC shall be decided by courts of the Czech Republic with subject-matter and territorial jurisdiction.
Force and Effect.
  • These GTC enter into force and effect on 1 January 2016.

I, as a user of the web application titled Eventee available on the Internet from the website of www.eventee.co hereby agree under the provisions of Sec. 5 para. 2 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”), to the collection, preservation and processing of personal data provided by myself to the administrator of personal data that is Touch Art s.r.o., Reg. No.: 29307236, with registered office at Kubešova 2, 612 00 Brno (hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator”) and agree to have my personal data processed and used by the following:

  • the Administrator;
  • any employee of the Administrator;
  • any contractor of the Administrator.

This consent is granted for an indefinite period of time.
The purpose of processing my personal data provided by the Administrator for which I grant this consent is using my personal data for the following:

  • marketing purposes;
  • inclusion of my personal data in databases.

I hereby declare that I am aware of my rights pursuant to the provisions of Sec. 12 and Sec. 21 of the Act and that all the information is accurate and truthful, and they are provided voluntarily.

The Administrator declares that they will collect personal data to the extent necessary to meet the above defined purpose and process them only in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected.
The Administrator declares that they will process personal data in the following manner:

  • machine-processing (automated) by means of computers and computer programs.

This consent is a free and informed expression of the will of the person identified by the data above, and the content hereof is this person's consent to the processing of his/her personal data.

Consent to Using Cookies
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Using cookies:
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