Host Virtual Events Using Eventee With Zoom Integration

Zoom is one of the most popular tools in the age of virtual meetings and events. Easily create event content with Eventee and set Zoom as the streaming tool.

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Zoom integration with Eventee

Expand the Functionality of Zoom With Eventee

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Zoom for Webinars

When creating a new Zoom session, set streaming to YouTube. You can invite multiple speakers, create panel discussions or easily share your screen while streaming the video to YouTube. Embed the stream to your event's homepage by inserting the links into your created sessions on Eventee.

Zoom for webinars

Zoom as a Meeting Tool

Eventee supports meeting tools as well. Create a session in your agenda and place the link to your Zoom meeting room into it. This link will appear in the session as an action button that takes your attendees right into the room. You can create meetings or workshops with a limited capacity and give access only to registered users.

Zoom as a meeting tool

Create Your First Virtual Event Using Zoom With Eventee

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