Geek Out // Los Angeles

Geek Out is back for another year of in-person events. Be ready and excited because we are headed to Los Angeles, the last stop of our 2021 tour. This year’s theme is acquisition. From acquiring traffic, customers, and brands, we’ll delve into the art of drawing more attention to your brand, winning more customers—not just ordinary ones—but those who’ll be repeat customers. Mind you, if it isn’t about these then it won’t be discussed here at Geek Out.
7 október - 10 október, 2021 | 12509 Beatrice Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Geek Out Los Angeles will be anchored on our usual event playbook.

Imagine inner circle high-level media buyers, marketers, and brand builders all under one roof; talking about real-life shit that’s important and relevant to all online businesses in this day and age. Make no mistake: You’ll network, party, and relax. We’ve optimized the event to allow you to cover everything you need to learn about—just how it should be.




Jordan Menard
CEO Longform Creative & Traffic Pilot
Van Oakes
CMO Diesel Power Gear
John Hefter
Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy & Creative
Cody Iverson
CEO VisCap Media
Julian Reyes
Julian Reyes
Gregory Woodfield
Co-Founder & COO Via Customers
Maor Benaim
Founder Wolf Marketing
Brandon Hendrix
Senior Vice President Marketing Thrasio
James Van Elswyk
James Van Elswyk
CEO Purple Leads
John Coyle
John Coyle
Founder & CEO Explosive Growth Marketing
Jon MacDonald
Founder The Good
Robert Freund
Attorney Robert Freund Law
Julia Whatley
Strategic Partnerships Gorgias
Nik Sharma
CEO Sharma Brands
Lazar Zepinic
Founder Sellers Alley
Kiefer Godfrey
Director of Amazon Advertising Motif Digital
Jana Krekic
Founder & CEO YLT Translations
Joshua Chin
Joshua Chin
Co-founder Chronos Agency
Rohan Kapoor
Rohan Kapoor
John Zacharias
John Zacharias
Co-founder Gr0
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller
CEO & Co-founder Gr0
Tim Bondarchuk
Tim Bondarchuk
Co-founder Partner Trade
Tejas Konduru
Tejas Konduru
Filip Merdic
Filip Merdic
VP of Growth First Day
Jourdan Smith
Jourdan Smith
Motif Digital
Danil Saliukov
Danil Saliukov
CEO & Co-founder Insense
Brett Curry
Brett Curry
CEO OMG Commerce


5:00 popoludní - 7:00 popoludní

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12509 Beatrice Street

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