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Here comes the time, when ROI is not enough

Or at least it should not be... You have plenty of other interesting ways to measure your event success and Eventee can help you with that!

Attendee satisfaction

Eventee helps you to collect 25 times more attendee feedback than any other solution. Moreover, you can observe the feedback in a real-time.

Attendee networking

With Eventee you can easily find out how many networking contacts attendees found thanks to your event.

Sponsors promotion

Promote your sponsors through Eventee and keep tracking impressions! Collect data for your sponsors and attract new one for your next event.

Attendee engagement

Measure a number of asked questions, votes in polls, a number of ratings per user, sent messages between users and many more.


Our clients' stories

Join thousands of satisfied customers using our app globally.

Thanks to Eventee, we were able to prepare a great conference app for mDevCamp's visitors. It was enough to prepare the conference program and a few other little things, and in a few days our applications were waiting for us. Great!

Michal Šrajer
Michal Šrajer
AVAST Software s.r.o.

Eventee is the only event app that does it the right way. Other event apps focus only on helping facilitate sales people, and don’t care about the average attendee’s experience. Eventee has created a unique app, where the attendee experience is the main consideration. This has resulted in more downloads and 3x higher engagement than other event apps.

Louis Tanguay
Louis Tanguay
App Growth Experts, Inc.

I landed with Eventee after trying out several platforms and can highly recommend it. It improved both our attendee and moderator experience tremendously. It’s simple to use and created with the user in mind.

Felix Zeltner
Felix Zeltner
Work Awesome Group LLC

For our conference we were looking for a mobile app supplier. Touch Art has met our expectations at 100% and enabled simple program orientation for conference visitors. I appreciate the cooperation, mainly high commitment, fast response and seamless communication.

Michal Acler
Michal Acler
Game Developer Session

We have been using Eventee for the second year, and we are extremely happy. The application is very precisely prepared, everything is 100% tested and on time. I cannot imagine the organization of a conference without this helpful tool. It is a way for us to communicate with the participants and have immediate feedback from them.

Aneta Drábková
Aneta Drábková
GrowJOB Institute

Eventee helps me to sleep! I've always had a huge amount of stress from last minute changes on the day of an event. Now it's not a problem anymore, when something like this happens, we can update our attendees immediately or make changes in the agenda which are visible right away. Thank you Eventee for making our events way better!

Veronika Čechová
Veronika Čechová
Masaryk University Career Centre

Eventee is an easy-to-use mobile app which helped us keep tracking our event and speakers in a fresh and modern way. Thanks to the digital agenda, we didn't have to waste our time with printing the schedule for each participant, and we were able to make real-time changes when needed. Moreover, we were also able to boost the social media posts with our hashtags and the final engagement was great. I definitely recommend this app!

Tiwonge Kanchenche
Tiwonge Kanchenche
FinMark Trust

We were truly satisfied with Eventee last year, and we are looking forward to use Eventee even more at WebExpo 2019! The most appreciated feature by our attendees was networking similar to Tinder. We, as event organizers, appreciated the real-time feedback.

Šárka Štrossová
Šárka Štrossová

Eventee was easy to set up for me as the administrator and the users! It was incredibly user-friendly! The best part was that students scanned the QR code, downloaded the app and had instant access without having to create an account. Students enjoyed reading about the speakers beforehand and had their questions ready before the event. It met our needs perfectly and I would use it again in the future.

Hannah Thraikill
Hannah Thrailkill
Secondary School Technology Integration Coordinator

We used the Eventee App for our conference in October 2019. It was amazing and very easy to use. The response back from our attendees was great. Will be using Eventee again and again!

Crystal Grunling
Crystal Grunling
Innovations in Practice 2019

Thanks to Eventee, attendees had all the information up-to-date, they could actively participate at panel discussions, communicate with each other and above all, we didn't need to print any materials. The Eventee app was a pleasant complement to our event.

Simona Kalvoda
Simona Kalvoda
Czech Green Building Council

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