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CASE STUDY: How WebExpo 2019 connected attendees and reached over 75% user base

WebExpo is central Europe's largest conference covering deep tech & practical topics for developers, designers, product managers, and marketers. They used Eventee for the third time. Read a success story about what they achieved!

Nikola Klepackova
Nikola Klepackova

WebExpo is central Europe's largest conference covering deep tech & practical topics for developers, designers, product managers, and marketers. They used Eventee for the third time and this year they accomplished the best results!

To be honest, we have a special relationship with WebExpo. Last few years we were not only the event app suppliers, but also the attendees, and we enjoyed every second. WebExpo is simply amazing! The atmosphere, all the inspirational people, the lineup and all the knowledge that we gained is incomparable with anything else we have experienced so far.

But back to the topic...

What were the expectations of the organizers about an event app?

  • To eliminate unnecessary printing and put everything in one event app (tickets included)
  • To update attendees 24/7 through newsfeed with push notifications
  • To enable attendees network and chat via an event app

WebExpo chose to use a Premium version of Eventee. Firstly, they uploaded the whole program and speakers through API (you can find your unique API token in section Settings in web administration). They used API also for synchronization of Favorites from their websites - they had the whole agenda at their websites in advance, and when the attendees chose some lectures and marked them as Favorites, WebExpo uploaded them into Eventee. That means these attendees had their custom schedule automatically in Eventee when they logged in.

Moreover, they activated Newsfeed and Networking and created information cards with all the useful information, such as restaurant recommendations, maps, feedback form, discounts for attendees, etc.

They used a ticket synchronization with Czech ticketing system SimpleTicket. SimpleTicket automatically imported all the ticket buyers into Eventee and when the event preparation was finished and the event went public, WebExpo sent to the attendees an email with an invitation to download and use Eventee, approximately one week before the event.

Immediately after that, the attendees started to network, so that on the day of the event, some of them already had some meetings scheduled. Some attendees had already their custom schedule prepared thanks to the API synchronization, and the ones that didn't, started picking particular lectures from 6-halls track and created their customized schedule, so they knew in advance when and where they have lectures and when they have breaks.

What was the outcome?

75% user base

This is such an amazing number because the industry standard for using event apps is between 15-20%!

1039 speakers' ratings

Thanks to all these data, the event organizer can properly evaluate the success of every single lecture!

890 networking connections

Thanks to the fact that the organizers spread the event app among the attendees one week before, they gave the attendees a lot of time to network and chat with each other. And it's amazing because they could really create business contacts!

962 messages

And all the connected people sent each other 962 messages!

Average Rating 4,24 stars out of 5

This number is based on 1039 reviews! It basically shows the organizers a success of all the lectures together - and in this case, the success is visible!

63% of people customized their schedule

The number of people who created their schedule from the six-halls track through Favorite feature and thanks to that, they knew where and when they should be.

We think these results are awesome! And because we were there personally, we could chat with the attendees and ask them for their  feedback and opinion about Eventee.

These are the messages we received:

Attendee #1

Attendee #2

Attendee #3

Translate: "Hello, great app! Especially networking. I am curious about the user base. It's awesome that you can rate speakers publicly and not only for event organizers."

Attendee #4

Attendee #5

Moreover, we asked the director of WebExpo, Šárka Štrossová, if she can evaluate the cooperation with us and describe the experience with Eventee in a few words:

Besides, we discussed the possible improvements with both attendees and organizers personally and we are very grateful for every single one who gave us feedback. Because thanks to all your feedback, we can improve what we are doing and move Eventee forward.

Lastly, we would love to thank you, WebExpo, for being such an awesome conference and thank you, Šárka, for choosing Eventee as a mobile app for your event. Hope to see you next year! ❤️

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