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Boost engagement at your event with video streaming, networking, real-time updates, social wall, and more.

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interactive event app with features for attendee engagement
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Delivering events cannot be easier

Give all attendees access to your event with one push of a button - that is how easy it is to use Eventee.

Supports hybrid events

Hosting hybrid events with Eventee is a breeze - just insert your video stream URL, and let the app handle the rest.

Optimized for desktop

Eventee offers both web and mobile app, ensuring the best attendee experience no matter the device.

Built for engagement

Let the audience enjoy your event content and engage at the same time. They can rate sessions, ask questions, vote in polls, network, and more.

Happy customers

Let our customers do the talking. Discover why they love using Eventee and get inspired by unique case studies.

It merges offline and online events beautifully! So hybrid events are very easy and simple to implement with Eventee. A special mention should be made of how their mobile app is really easy and intuitive for attendees to use.

Shade Odeinde

The mobile app is great. Used it for a few events and my attendees have an easy time finding, using, and collaborating on the app

Frank F.Dolan

Most people carry their mobile phones around with them these days, so having a great experience on the mobile app while at the event is essential. Eventee has a very clean user interface and is absolutely beautiful, with everything being very well organised.

Leon Tepania

I like the ease of use and huge opportunities for engaging the users. The CNAME option makes it possible to use the web app on your domain, giving you great control of the user experience.

Lyubomir Stoyanov

I love the fact that Eventee has both desktop AND a mobile app! Both are important in today's online event space. Eventee continues to improve making it one to watch!

Shade Odeinde

The Eventee web-based tool helps you design and manage events. It is easy to create event pages, collect attendee information, include maps with venues, create different rooms for different lectures and workshops and so on.

Mirela Fioresy


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