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Discover new ideas for event planning and audience interaction to ensure the best event experiences.

Introducing Eventee 3.0: Engage your audience like never before
Read about the major release of the Eventee app - A whole new engagement screen, event gamification, and more!
Mastering event planning: Insights from a renowned professional
Discover how the Europe's largest all-PPC event, ADworld Experience, utilizes Eventee to enhance attendee engagement.
7 Steps to Find an Event Venue [Ultimate Guide]
Find your dream event venue with this extensive go-to guide. I'll walk you through everything you need to know, from the vibe you're after to the practical stuff like location or amenities.
Eventee 2.15: Global Search and Other Exciting News
We are introducing the new version of Eventee with improvements on the mobile apps. Global search, sorting options for speakers and exhibitors, and other things we would love to share with you this month!
Closing Eventee 2023 and Looking Ahead to 2024
Enjoy this year's recap of highlights and successes we had with Eventee, and hold on tight - 2024 promises even more!
Eventee Updates: Introducing Program List View
Learn about Eventee updates in the November news roundup. UI improvements, app accessibility, and more.
The Importance of Boosting Alumni Engagement
Alumni engagement can be quite beneficial for any educational institution. Join us as we explore strategies how to create meaningful relationships and unforgettable experiences for your alumni.
Top Tips on Going Paperless at Your Next Event
Embrace these useful tips on how to go paperless for your next event and learn to eliminate any inefficiencies along the way.
What's New in Eventee: Improved Event Administration
Keep up with the latest Eventee updates, featuringimproved attendee import, schedule customization, and more.
The Digital Campus: Benefits of University Apps for Students
Discover how digital campuses reshape learning, foster collaboration, and empower students, as well as the faculty.
22 Tips for Enhancing International Education Conferences With an Event App
Event apps can help you boost engagement, foster global connections, and ensure success of international education conferences. Here's how!
Guest Speaker Management: Etiquette, Tips, and Best Practices
Discover tips and best practices to unlock the power of guest speakers for your event. Learn how to choose, coordinate, and maximise your speakers' impact.
Eventee 2.14: A Whole New Networking Experience
Introducing our improved Networking feature with the option to browse a list of all attendees and send requests. Learn how it works!
A Guide to Generating Hype for Your Event [Pre-Event Checklist]
Generate buzz for your upcoming event with our pre-event checklist. Get tips on building excitement and boosting attendee engagement before the event even starts!
17 Creative Corporate Event Ideas + Tips to Maximise Engagement
Explore the benefits of organising a corporate event and get inspired by these creative ideas and tips for maximising engagement at your next event.
Eventee Latest Updates: Improved UI, New Roadmap, and More
Round-up of Eventee updates and improvements you should not miss. Better UI for editing information, new features, and an important announcement.
10+ Creative University Open Day Ideas
Discover ways to reach out to and engage potential students by exploring these creative university open day ideas. Get inspired and create experiences that are simply unforgettable!
7 Ways to Improve Your Event
Improving your event is a fun, rewarding, and exciting challenge. Whether you are starting from scratch or want to refine an existing event, these tips can help you get your event to the next level! 🚀
Eventee 2.13: Welcome Social Wall! 🎉
Major release - Social wall and other significant updates we introduced with the latest Eventee version.
3 essentials of a successful nonprofit event [beginner’s guide]
Hosting an event is a great way to raise money and awareness for causes you are passionate about. Here are tips to help you succeed, especially if you are about to throw your first.
10 Networking Event Planning Tips [Checklist to Success]
How to create an enjoyable networking experience for everyone involved? Here is a 10-point checklist to help ensure your event goes off without a hitch!
10 Ideas for a more sustainable event [actionable tips]
Full speed toward sustainable events! Here are the 10 tips to help you host a truly green event.
Improved Event Analytics and Data Management
The August round-up of Eventee updates and what's up with the new feature Social wall.
Creative Ways to Promote Your Event Using Video Marketing
The 8 minute read that will leave you with a mind packed full of new creative video marketing ideas.
Turn your boring university events from snooze fest to the most productive place to be in town
How to organise a successful university event. Create an engaging and memorable experience for students and everyone involved.
Event management: 13 tips to effectively prevent and handle last minute changes
...and a little known, but super effective crisis management hack you can use with your team 😉
The year's first summer newsletter is here
Let's kick off the summer season with the June Eventee newsletter. ☀️
The next generation of hybrid events: Tips for leveling up your streaming
Learn how to make the planning and coordination of hybrid events easier. Explore the ways you can enhance the broadcasting experience with SlidesLive and prepare for the future of hybrid events.
The Ultimate Guide to Event Email Marketing: Tips that Skyrocket Ticket Sales
Everything you need to know about crafting a successful email campaign that will help you sell out your event.
Create Events With Non-Consecutive Days
April updates released! How does the new Eventee agenda work and what improvements we are currently working on? You will learn in this month's roundup.
Eventee 2.11: Hit the Gold Mine of Event Data
Collecting data for event evaluation is one of the stepping stones to successful events. The latest Eventee release introduces an analytics improvement that helps you track your event like never before.
Hybrid Events: 13 Ideas to Create the Best Experience Possible
A hybrid event is a child of the modern age. When you mix offline and online worlds together, a cute hybrid event is born. Is it for you? What do you need to consider? And how do you organize a hybrid event that people can't help but love? We are about to tell you.
Wrapped up: The Best of Eventee 2021
Let's wrap up 2021 with a year in review and a taste of things to come in 2022.
35 terms every event manager should know
Virtual, in-person, or hybrid event? What are the differences between broadcasting, webcasting, or just streaming? What stands behind the terms VOD, RTMP, or API? Get a grip on the terms every event manager should know nowadays!
Eventee 2.10: Toward Hybrid Events
Eventee made a huge step toward hybrid events. The latest version 2.10 brings improvements in the hybrid event experience, adds new supported streaming platforms to the list, and introduces a whole new feature that adapts Eventee to your event needs.
How to Host a Successful Virtual Event [ultimate guide]
Everything you need to host a great virtual event neatly wrapped into one guide. You’ll learn how to effortlessly improve audio & video quality, what needs to be planned ahead and why there’s no other way to host a professional virtual event than with an event app.
Updated Partners feature and improvements we rolled out this month
Read the monthly round-up of Eventee updates and improvements you definitely should not miss.
Event Industry 2021 and Beyond: How Events Shifted During Pandemic and What the Future Holds
A summary of the report Event Industry 2021 and Beyond. We surveyed 181 event managers from all over the world and learned how they are dealing with the current pandemic times.
The Latest Eventee News
Quick introduction of the latest news and improvements you can now enjoy in Eventee.
New Eventee Pricing, New Features 🎉
Introducing our new pricing with improved plans and a whole new feature Custom domains!
Eventee 2.9: A New Web App for a Whole New Experience
We are finally introducing you to our improved web app! Explore the new onboarding flow and design of the web app that provides the best attendee experience for your events.
What's new in Eventee 2.8
Let's take a look at the latest improvements in Eventee 2.8, and other news of this month. Scheduled video access, networking on the web app, and much more!
14+ Tools to Improve Virtual Events Hosted on Zoom
Zoom is one of the most popular tools for virtual events and online meetings. Let's take a look at the tools that can make organizing your Zoom events much easier, and at the same time, help you enhance the attendee experience.
Why Is Sponsorship Important for Your Event + How to Find an Ideal Sponsor
Event sponsorship is a powerful marketing tool that plays an important role in every event strategy. Learn how it can benefit your event when done right. And get some tips on how to find and win the perfect sponsor for your event. Start boosting your sponsorship sales today!
Interview With Jiri Novosad about the Czech & Slovak Virtual Golf Business Forum
Organizing the first virtual conference without previous experience. Jiri Novosad, organizator of the Czech & Slovak Virtual Golf Business Forum, shares his experience with us.
Wrapping up 2020 and Looking Ahead to 2021
A little through back at all the milestones and achievements of Eventee in 2020 with a little sneak peek at what is planned for 2021.
Eventee 2.7: Showcase your partners with our brand new feature
Learn more about how you can easily showcase your sponsors and exhibitors with this awesome feature that the version Eventee 2.7 unlocks, along with other upgrades of this month.
Running an event software startup during the biggest pandemic in 100 years
Get inspired by the success story of an event software startup during the pandemic of COVID-19. Read about how Eventee turned the tables when things got tough and kept the business alive.
What's new in Eventee 2.6
A detailed overview of the latest improvements and releases that you definitely should not miss. New features, integrations, languages, and much more!
8 Best Video Streaming Tools That Work Perfectly With Eventee
We came up with a list of 8 best video streaming tools and services for your virtual or hybrid events. Take a look and get inspired!
Virtual and Hybrid Events: Everything You Need to Know Before You Start
What are the differences, pros and cons of in-person, virtual and hybrid events? Let's get a grip on the most common event industry terms in the current pandemic times!
Meet New Eventee Buddies: Zapier and Mailchimp 🤝
Learn more about the latest Eventee integrations that open up a whole new world of workflow automation!
A Whole New Eventee Pricing With the Best Value on the Market 🏆
Learn more about the 4 improved pricing plans and the new feature that allows you to customize the looks of the Eventee app!
What Is an Event App and How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Event
Event apps are experiencing a big boom in the past few years, but do you actually know what an event app is and what aspects you need to consider when choosing one? How did they change in the era of virtual events? Keep on reading and get rid of all the question marks around event apps.
USE CASE: 4 Steps to Host Virtual Events With Eventee
Stay positive and read through this use case to find out how you can turn tables in these tough times by simply switching to virtual event with Eventee support!
First day of spring brings a bunch of news from the Eventee world
Let's put all the current negative news aside for a minute and go through Eventee upgrades of this month. What is on the list? Improved workshops, brand new feature in Networking and also a little sneak peek at what awaits us. 🤭
13 Free Tools for Event Managers
13 tools for event managers that will take your event to the whole new level and won't ruin you at the same time, because they are free!
Stay updated: Let's go through the news of this month!
Read through our improvements and news, that will brighten up your spectacular event or at least brighten up your day! ☀️
2019 Overview - Let's sum up the biggest achievements!
2019 was full of challenges for us, but we worked hard and did our best to move Eventee to the point where it is right now. Let's go through all the amazing news and find out what are the core plans for 2020.
Great News You Cannot Miss - Workshops on Board!
Eventee introduces 5 great upgrades and a brand new feature! Welcome workshops on board!
CASE STUDY: BarCamp Brno 2019 goes paperless with Eventee
1800 attendees gathered at BarCamp Brno 2019 conference to attend lectures about business, marketing and innovations. Read their success story!
CASE STUDY: How WebExpo 2019 connected attendees and reached over 75% user base
WebExpo is central Europe's largest conference covering deep tech & practical topics for developers, designers, product managers, and marketers. They used Eventee for the third time. Read a success story about what they achieved!
Great Eventee News You Should Not Miss!
This Eventee news will definitely make your day better! A brand new payment process, enhanced projector mode and more!
CASE STUDY: How SaaS Movement 2019 engaged attendees with Eventee
SaaS Movement 2019 is the biggest SaaS event in central Europe. Read a story about what the organizers achieved with Eventee!
Introducing Fresh News from Eventee World!
Read about awesome news from Eventee! Updates in Networking, possibility to adjust schedule scale, deeper statistics and many more!
Release of a Brand New Feature - Live Polls on Board!
Summer can't stop us! Read about great improvements in web administration and mobile app, but most importantly about the release of a brand new feature - Live polls!
Build a Strong Event Brand - Interview with the event director Šárka Štrossová
What are the necessary skills for being an Event Director? What are the things that make an event successful? And how does the typical day of Event Director look like? Read an interview with Šárka Štrossová, an Event Director of WebExpo, and find out!
Meet New Buddies - Eventee with Eventbrite!
Read about integration with the world's leading ticketing platform and deliver an awesome experience to all of your attendees!
13 things you MUST check before you rent the best event venue
There are many aspects that need to be considered when choosing the best venue for your event. Read through these 13 tips and make your event unforgettable!
Fresh June News from Eventee World
Read through the fresh news which comes from our office! Enjoy!
How to Get a White Label Event App in a Nutshell
Read about the process of getting your own white labeled Eventee app and move the entire attendee experience to the next level!
15 Creative Event Promotion Ideas to Boost Ticket Sales
Inspire your marketing strategy with these 15 creative event promotion ideas and improve the registration numbers right now!
Great News You Should Not Miss in Eventee!
We are making progress every day. Wanna know more? Read through this short article!
12 Tips on How to Measure Success of Your Event
Clear KPIs are essential for final evaluation and success measurement of all events. How to properly define them? Read these 12 practical tips!
Introducing News in Eventee Packages!
Read about great changes in Eventee which will make the event planning a way easier for you! Made with love!
6 Tips on How to Select the Best Event Moderator
Selecting an event moderator is one of the most important decisions event managers have to do. Don't underestimate the process of selecting the right person and read through these tips!
How to Boost the Usage of Eventee at Your Event
Read through these tips and boost the Eventee usage to the maximum!
10 Icebreaker Ideas to Kick Off Your Event
Read through these 10 practical icebreaker tips to kick off your event and make the greatest first impression!
Great News in Eventee - Invite the Attendees Straight From the Admin panel!
With the first Spring Day comes a new version of Eventee! Check out the great news!
Tips for Boosting Networking at Your Event
Practical tips that will turn your event into an interactive networking space with a lot of fun!
When Once a Year Is Not Enough - Meet the Enterprise Version!
Maybe you are thinking about whether or not the Enterprise package is suitable for you. Read more about this version and choose the best option for you!
How to Create a Unique Event Concept and Successfully Manage a Global Expansion
Read through a great event experience of Louis Tanguay, Founder and Managing Director of App Growth Summit and get some inspiration!
Admin has a New Look!
Some improvements have been made in Eventee administration! Read through them and try it out!
How to get the most out of the Eventee app!
There are many ways to handle Eventee features. Read about them and maximize the impact of the Eventee app at your event!
Eventee as a Tool for Smooth Event Running
Get the inspiration from Aneta Martinek, Marketing and Event Manager of GrowJOB Institute, our long-time client, and maximize the impact of Eventee on your event!
Introducing news in Admin panel!
We are bringing to you some awesome upgrades in Administration. Read through them and try it out!
How to Turn an Idea into a Successful Event
We had an interview with Veronika Čechová, Event Manager from the Masaryk University Career Centre, who advised what to do in order to make the idea of organizing an event come true. Whether a conference, a workshop, or a trade fair... the key is to start!
What's new in Eventee?
The start of 2019 brought new things to Eventee. Learn more about them!
Introduction to Hybrid and Native Apps
What is the difference between hybrid and native apps? Read about the pros and cons.
What is new in Eventee 1.3
We are so excited about the news - let us introduce you to Eventee 1.3!
7 Common Mistakes Event Planners Often Make
Read about the most frequent mistakes that Event planners make and how they should be avoided.
How do App Store guidelines affect Eventee
Do you want to know how the App Store guidelines affect Eventee? Read this short article.
Eventee 1.1 With Live Questions is here
Engage the audience with Live Questions in the Eventee mobile app.
Say Hello to Eventee
Welcome to our first contribution to our new Eventee product ever.
How to maximize the impact of your event?
Aneta Drábková, Director of the Critical Thinking Conference, shares how to get the most out of an event.
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