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Mobile app build to skyrocket your event engagement. Eventee is packed with features like Q&A, networking, notifications and more.

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mobile event app for in-person events with features for attendee engagement
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In-person event app attendees love to use

Audience satisfaction is important to us. That is why Eventee receives an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on the App Store, given by thousands of attendees worldwide.

Event schedule

Attendees have the whole event schedule with real-time updates at their fingertips. Notifications ensure nobody misses any important information.

Matchmaking networking

Foster valuable connections between attendees with respect to their privacy. Meeting new people has never been easier!

Social wall

Encourage attendee engagement through shared experiences. Create your event's own social network and let attendees share their memorable event moments.

Happy customers

Let our customers do the talking. Discover why they love using Eventee and get inspired by unique case studies.

It merges offline and online events beautifully! So hybrid events are very easy and simple to implement with Eventee. A special mention should be made of how their mobile app is really easy and intuitive for attendees to use.

Shade Odeinde

The mobile app is great. Used it for a few events and my attendees have an easy time finding, using, and collaborating on the app

Frank F.Dolan

Most people carry their mobile phones around with them these days, so having a great experience on the mobile app while at the event is essential. Eventee has a very clean user interface and is absolutely beautiful, with everything being very well organised.

Leon Tepania

Eventee was used for our recent in-person annual conference. The attendees liked the ability to view and customize the event schedule. As the Administrator, I enjoyed the ability to send out alerts and communications in real time.

Leanne Ross

Eventee is very beneficial saving management time and communication tools, from the same environment you can effectively manage physical or mixed events.

Isabel Dimas

Great to help us stay connected to attendees during in-person events, include maps with your venues, like for instance giving an important information that came during their break or lunch time, changes in schedule, and so on.

Mirela Fioresy


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