Eventee 2.10: Toward Hybrid Events

Eventee made a huge step toward hybrid events. The latest version 2.10 brings improvements in the hybrid event experience, adds new supported streaming platforms to the list, and introduces a whole new feature that adapts Eventee to your event needs.

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

The future is hybrid and therefore, we made some significant steps to improve the experience of hybrid events in Eventee. This is, however, not the only update you can look forward to in this month's news article. Don't miss the feature that allows you to customize the section names in Eventee to suit your event needs, or the latest integrations with Zoom and SlidesLive!

🤩 What's new for hybrid events?

Since the pandemic outbreak, Eventee evolved mainly toward virtual events. In combination with the extensive experience in in-person events we already had, we were only a step from creating a tool that would provide the best experience for the hybrid format as well. Now we are delighted to introduce you to the latest version of the app, Eventee 2.10, that covers the needs of in-person, virtual, as well as hybrid events.

Eventee supports virtual, hybrid, and in-person events

Hybrid events, though they merge in-person and virtual elements together, are special in their own way. And so are the other 2 event types. When creating a new event in Eventee, you can choose what event experience you want to create. Your administration and the app experience will adapt to your choice. Basically, these are the differences:

  • Virtual event type - Enables virtual event features in your event administration. Attendees can watch live streams and videos from both mobile and web app.
  • Hybrid event type - Enables virtual event features in your event administration. Attendees will have the option to hide the live streams and videos in the mobile app. Once attendees join the event, the app will ask them if they are attending virtually. Their choice can be changed in the app settings at any time. The web app does not have this option, and it will always show the streams and videos.
Eventee's distinct event type options cater to the unique needs of virtual, hybrid, and in-person formats, ensuring a tailored experience for both organizers and attendees.
Switch between virtual or in-person event mode
  • In-person event type - Hides virtual event features in both mobile and web app. You are not able to see them in your administration as well.

🤗 Integration with Zoom

Zoom is one of the latest tools joining our family of supported video and streaming platforms. The integration works the same way as with the other platforms. Simply insert the link to a Zoom meeting into the session detail in Eventee. Afterward, attendees will be able to join the meeting right inside the Eventee app and watch your live streams while asking live questions, voting in polls, networking, or interacting with the event content you created.

📝 See the complete list of all currently supported streaming, video hosting, and online meeting tools.

This integration is particularly valuable for hybrid events, ensuring consistent engagement regardless of whether attendees are participating in-person or virtually.
Zoom meeting on the Eventee web app

😎 Integration with SlidesLive

SlidesLive is a conference tool that records and synchronizes your speaker talk with all the visuals, like presentation slides, images, and other documents. Integrate SlidesLive with Eventee by inserting the link to your SlidesLive recording into the session detail in your agenda. Let the attendees watch the speaker talks with all the visuals and engage on one single screen.

This integration offers a more enriched and interactive experience for attendees, making it easier to follow and engage with presentations.
SlidesLive recording in the Eventee web app

🥳 A new feature - Custom strings

In some cases, the default section titles do not make sense (e.g. instead of speakers, you can have different types of performers: a dance competition has dancers, a theatre event has actors, a concert has bands and singers, etc). With our new feature Custom strings, you can rename Eventee sections to your event needs. Every section on the event homepage can be renamed.

4 simple steps to rename the sections:

  1. Go to Settings, tab General
  2. Find the feature Custom strings and click on Manage
  3. Rename the sections by writing the new names into the given columns
  4. Save your changes
Speakers section on the event homepage renamed to Dancers 

👀 Wait...there is more

Along with the biggest updates that came with the latest version Eventee 2.10, there are a few more small (but significant!) tweaks that we released and other news we are eager to share with you.

Date format MDY

Eventee supports DMY (day/month/year) and newly also MDY (month/day/year) date format. This is a feature that adapts automatically based on the location settings of your device.

Email preferences

Set your email preferences within your profile in Eventee, and receive only emails you will love!

13th year of WebExpo

WebExpo is the biggest tech conference in Central Europe that uses the Eventee app. This year, for the first time in the history of WebExpo, Eventee made it possible to run the conference in a hybrid format. We are more than grateful to be part of the remarkable experience the conference delivers each year!

What the attendees and organizers enjoyed the most? Watch this quick case study video to learn how it all turned out.

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