Eventee 2.14: A Whole New Networking Experience

Introducing our improved Networking feature with the option to browse a list of all attendees and send requests. Learn how it works!

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

The Networking feature has always been one of the prominent parts of the Eventee app that we've been proud of. The option for attendees to match with each other and network within a few swipes made networking sessions efficient and a lot more fun for everyone involved. Today, we are finally ready to introduce you to an improvement our team has worked on for the past few months.

Let's explore the whole new Networking experience that comes with the latest version Eventee 2.14 together! The updates include both mobile and web app, so attendees can enjoy them no matter what devices they use.

There are three new sections on the Eventee app - My network, Requests, and All attendees.

My network

Here you can see all your conversations with your established contacts. Once you match with someone, you can start chatting and arranging meetings with them right away. Arranged meetings will then appear in My agenda.

View and manage all your chat interactions with connections made during the event.


Attendees can send you requests for connection, which you will see right here.

The 'Requests' feature is essential for managing and accepting networking connections from other event attendees efficiently.

You can also access the list of rejected contacts and send them a request if you change your mind.

 The ability to access and interact with a list of previously rejected contacts allows event attendees to reconsider and initiate connections with them if desired, enhancing networking opportunities.

All attendees

This is where you can browse the list of all attendees who joined Networking. You will see different statuses next to other attendees' names - connected, pending request, rejected, or an icon that sends an instant request for connection.

Newly, you can also filter attendees based on name, company, or position.

The 'All Attendees' feature facilitates easy browsing and networking among event participants, enhancing connectivity and interaction opportunities.

Watch this short video to see how it works!

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