Eventee 2.15: Global Search and Other Exciting News

We are introducing the new version of Eventee with improvements on the mobile apps. Global search, sorting options for speakers and exhibitors, and other things we would love to share with you this month!

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

We are thrilled to announce the release of Eventee 2.15, packed with exciting updates aimed at refining our mobile apps to empower attendees with seamless navigation and quick access to event information.

Let's dive into the highlights of what's new!

🔎 Welcome Global search

Finding what you need at events has never been easier. With our full-text global search feature, attendees can now search for people, companies, sessions, or news across the Eventee apps.

Simply open the tab My agenda and click on the magnifying glass in the right upper corner to start typing in the keywords.

Here is how the feature Global search works on the Eventee app. This feature helps attendees quickly find what they are looking for - event speakers, event sessions, attendees who are interested in networking, or even notifications from the event organizers.

🎤 Alphabetical Speaker sorting

Eventee 2.15 introduces alphabetical sorting for speakers, allowing attendees to locate their favorite presenters with just a few taps. The default sorting is the order of speakers given by the organizer.

Eventee mobile app showing how to get to the event speakers list and how to sort it in alphabetical order.

🪪 Exhibitor sorting options

Navigating through exhibitors and engaging with them is now a breeze too! Attendees can sort exhibitors alphabetically, like the speakers list, or by booth number. The default sorting is the order of exhibitors given by the organizer.

Eventee mobile app showing how to get to the event exhibitors list and how to sort it by booth number or in alphabetical order.

In addition to the significant updates mentioned above, we've implemented various minor tweaks to enhance overall usability and performance, ensuring a smoother event experience for all attendees.

📚 How to Use Eventee as an Attendee?

This video is the perfect one to share with your attendees and demonstrate it. 👇

🌟 Eventee use case: Czech On-line Expo 2024

Putting ourselves in the attendees' shoes is both rewarding and fun! Join us in the video below to experience Eventee from the attendees' perspective. This time, we visited the Czech On-line Expo 2024, the biggest e-commerce & online business expo in the Czech Republic. 🙌

Stay tuned for more content like this - next stops EventFest, Reshoper, WebExpo. 🚀

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