Great News You Cannot Miss - Workshops on Board!

Eventee introduces 5 great upgrades and a brand new feature! Welcome workshops on board!

Nikola Klepackova
Nikola Klepackova

Hello everyone! One month has already passed and we are bringing you a regular dose of fresh news from Eventee! All the new awesome updates are already out for a few days, so some of you have probably noticed. But for the ones who not - let's find out!

Besides the news mentioned below, we are happy to reveal that we're working on an amazing "thing" that will significantly help you to boost a user base - a short and funny video where there will be shown all the advantages that Eventee brings to your attendees. Stay tuned! 🤩

But back to the current news.. Let's take it one by one!

#1 Workshops on board!

We are more than happy to share with you that we have implemented a new feature - a workshop booking! While creating a session in agenda, you can choose whether to create a lecture, break or workshop, set the exact capacity and let your attendees book the workshop straight from the mobile app.

Attendees will see in a mobile app that the exact sessions are workshops and that they can book them.

When they successfully book a workshop, the workshop will be automatically shown on their customized agenda - the tab My Agenda. 📱

booking in my agenda

You, as an admin, can manage all the workshops at web administration, by clicking on the tab Workshops.

workshops in administration

You can also see all the booked people and manage their bookings. If you, for example, need to allocate some exact attendees, you can reject their bookings from web administration and attendees will receive a notification about that.

cancel booking

The attendee notification is following:

booking canceled notification

You can also manage the capacity of the bookings later on. For example, if you have a capacity for 10 people and all the places are already booked, and you downgrade the capacity for 8, the last 2 booked people will receive a notification that their booking was canceled. If you do the opposite, all attendees will see that the workshop is available again, the occupancy and the space left.

workshop occupancy

Please, note that also the attendees themselves can cancel their booking through Eventee by clicking on Cancel button.

#2 Enhanced live questions

We created a space in web administration, where you can see besides “waiting for approval” questions and “live questions” also all the archived questions. All in just one place!

live questions in administration

If you turned off an auto approve, the questions which are waiting for approval will be visible not only in web administration, but also in a mobile app for the exact attendees who asked the questions.

question pending approval

Another nice upgrade is the ability to pin the exact question to the top of the projector. For example, if you want to mark up the question that is being answered by a speaker at the moment, you can do it through a web administration.

When the questions are asked, you can either archive or unpin them with the same button.  

pin and archive questions in administration

#3 Visible draft events

So far you could see your draft events only when you scanned a QR code of the exact event. From now on, when you log in to the mobile app with your admin account, you will see all your drafts in the list of published events. They will have a special label.

draft events on the app

#4 Restrict anonymous users

A lot of you asked us about the possibility to restrict anonymous users to join your event. We are happy to tell you that you can do that! In the tab Settings-> Features you can find the option.

restrict anonymous users

If you do that, anonymous attendees will not be able to join your event and will be instructed to create an account or log in.

login to access the event

#5 PDF support in Information cards

A little upgrade of information cards - now you can easily upload a PDF file into information cards and attendees can open it via mobile app. 🙃

#6 Brace yourselves... GERMAN language is coming! 🇩🇪

Currently, we are working on a new language (besides current Czech, English and Chinese), and it will be German! Stay tuned, Eventee will be available in German soon! 🎉

So, what do you think about today's news? Let us know at [email protected]! Enjoy! ❤️

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