Introducing Fresh News from Eventee World!

Read about awesome news from Eventee! Updates in Networking, possibility to adjust schedule scale, deeper statistics and many more!

Nikola Klepackova
Nikola Klepackova

Hello everyone! September is awesome month - a lot of events happening around! And we are happy for every single one that decides to boost attendee engagement with Eventee. Your satisfaction is the main driver for us! 🚀

And as we love to make you happy and satisfied, we are bringing you a regular dose of fresh news from the Eventee world! Take a break and read through all of them!

#1 Rejected users in Networking 🤝

We improved a Networking feature based on your feedback. 😊 People, from time to time, change their mind. And we adjust a networking feature based on this premise! Newly, when your attendees pass some other attendee and later change the opinion, they can go through all the passed profiles and make the decision to meet or pass the person one more time.

#2 Files for the lectures 🧐

Imagine you can spread among the attendees materials that they need for a particular lecture (slides, attachments, graphs, etc.) without the need to separately print them.. sounds good, right? 😊 For us as well! That's why we have implemented another amazing feature! Besides information cards, that are suitable more for the general materials for every attendee, you can now simply upload materials for particular lectures through a Schedule in a web administration, and your attendees would be able to open them directly from the particular lecture's detail!

And how does it look in the app?

#3 Schedule scale 💪

Awesome news! You can adjust the size of the agenda according to your needs! Go to Settings -> Features, and scroll down to the Schedule scale. You can choose from three sizes. If you have multiple short lectures, the Large size would suit you. On the other hand, if you have multiple longer lectures (2 hours and more), the Small size would suit you. Preview it with your mobile phone and deliver the best user experience to your attendees!

#4 Favorites analytics 🤓

We have added into analytics a new statistics about every single lecture - the number of attendees who put the particular lecture into Favorites. You can find it in the Analytics -> Lecture insights. Thanks to that, you can easily evaluate which lectures were the most favorite among the attendees, and which not.

Favorites in analytics

#5 Finally, SimpeTicket on board! 🔥

We have another awesome integration with a ticketing system - SimpleTicket, a Czech largest ticketing system! Enjoy a seamless integration and bring to your attendees a mobile event app where they can find not only agenda, but also all the cool features and also their tickets! ❤️

And that's all from us for now! Hope you will enjoy that! If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear about them! Contact us on [email protected]. 📩

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