A Whole New Eventee Pricing With the Best Value on the Market πŸ†

Learn more about the 4 improved pricing plans and the new feature that allows you to customize the looks of the Eventee app!

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

Eventee has gone through some changes recently to be able to bring even greater value for our customers and their attendees. Keep on reading to explore the new Eventee pricing and all the benefits that come with it!

Improved Eventee plans for the whole year

Eventee has switched its one-time payment pricing to annual subscription. As most of our customers are using Eventee regularly and some of them even more than once a year, we decided to change our pricing model to bring convenience to our customers. Another benefit of the subscription model is also the budget predictability it offers. When you know exactly and in advance how much money you will spend on services or products, you will be able to better plan your budget, which is very helpful for every event manager or planner.

With this new pricing, we also offer better pricing plans that bring much more value to our customers and their attendees. Now you can choose from 4 amazing plans, each perfectly fitted to different event sizes and needs. You will get 200 extra attendees, multiple events for one price, less limitations for your agenda, or you can take advantage of a new feature for customized branding and create an event experience like never before! πŸš€

What makes the new plans better than the old ones? Let’s take a closer look at the 4 plans together.

pricing icons

First of all, you can find a few more features in the comparison list (which is located on the pricing page right under the 4 plans):

  • team members (create a team and add people who can manage your events account)
  • virtual events (Eventee supports virtual events no matter what plan you will choose, so even if you have the free version of Eventee you can still enjoy the features for virtual events like web application, streaming services support, etc.)
  • hide website (Eventee automatically generates website for every event created in Eventee, which you can manage or hide completely)
  • custom branding (a feature that enables customized looks of Eventee app, so you can match it with your brand identity)

Free plan

With the new pricing, even the free version of Eventee offers a deal that is better than ever before. This plan is great for small events with up to 100 attendees and it works perfectly as an agenda tool as it recently got rid of all the agenda size limitations. It doesn't matter how many rooms your event will be held in or how many days it will last - the number of rooms and days you can add to your agenda is fully unlimited!

The limitations for workshops have been loosened up as well and you can now create unlimited number of workshops with bookings, instead of just one as it was before. Other benefits of the old free plan stayed the same, so you basically get greater value without paying any money. ❀️

Premium plan

The biggest advantage of the improved premium plan is the total number of 200 extra attendees you will get for the same price, which makes this plan a great solution for midsized events. You don't have to pay for every additional attendee on your event anymore, now you can have up to 300 attendees for one payment.

Business plan

Once a year is not enough. In that case, there is the business plan! With this plan, you can publish up to 12 events per year. You don't even have to worry about the amount of people that will attend your events. There are no limitations to the number of Eventee app users. You can also create a team and add as many team members as you please.

Enterprise plan

Here is where the fun begins! The Enterprise plan is basically Eventee without borders. Enjoy unlimited number of events per year, unlimited number of attendees, unlimited number of team members and all features, including the brand new feature Custom branding.

Custom branding 🎨

Branding is crucial for the customers to remember your brand and in the world of events there is no exception. Event branding is not just about sticking your logo everywhere possible, it is more about providing a consistent image throughout the event that helps attendees to better connect with your event. This new feature allows you to customize the looks of Eventee mobile app. You can find it in your administration, along with the Custom menu in Settings.

mobile branding

Play with the colors of the background and active elements of the app, such as buttons. There are more ways to set your desired color. Choose manually from the color picker or insert a HEX or RGB color code. You can even let Eventee generate colors from your icon!

This feature also includes the possibility to add your own banner, instead of using the default category images.

Match the Eventee app with your event brand identity and create an event experience that your attendees will never forget!

Learn more about the Custom branding feature.


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