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USE CASE: 4 Steps to Host Virtual Events With Eventee

Stay positive and read through this use case to find out how you can turn tables in these tough times by simply switching to virtual event with Eventee support!

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

Due to the current situation in event industry, events are being forced to either adapt or be postponed, in the worst cases even canceled. This article is however not meant to cause you deep depressions from cancellation, nor postponement, so let's find out how you can easily turn your in-person event into a virtual or hybrid event with Eventee!

Benefits of virtual events and Eventee app in one place

The biggest advantage of a virtual event is that your attendees can attend your sessions from wherever they want. On the other hand, the big disadvantage is the lack of personal connection and difficult communication, which can lead to less engagement. And here is where Eventee app steps in. Thanks to the virtual events support you can simply stream your live sessions or share session videos right through the mobile or web app and take advantage of all the benefits of other powerful features at the same time. Moreover, with any Eventee plan you can switch from in-person event to a fully virtual event or a hybrid event without any additional fee.

Your attendees can enjoy the best event experience not just on their phones but also on computers. The Eventee web app is super convenient especially for virtual events, as the attendees are more likely to attend your event through their computers when they are at home. They just need to click on a desired session to open the detail page with the live stream or video of the session. The page also includes newsfeed and Q&A section, so your attendees can easily interact while watching the session.

Eventee web app with video

How to create a virtual event with Eventee

Too long; didn't read? Watch this short video and find out how easy it is to create a virtual event with Eventee!

🗓 Start building your event

First of all, you need to create your event in Eventee. When creating a new event, you will be asked to choose from 3 different types of events - virtual, hybrid, or in-person. Each type enables features that are specific for the use case:

  • Virtual: Enables virtual event features in both mobile and web app
  • Hybrid: Enables virtual event features with the option to hide them in the mobile app
  • In-person: Hides virtual event features in both mobile and web app

Afterward, you can plan your schedule, add speakers and moderators, import attendees, easily prepare your whole event content in Eventee web admin. If you are new to Eventee, don't worry, Eventee is the most user-friendly tool that makes event creation a piece of cake. May you still be in doubt, there is a manual, which will help you throughout the whole process.

Your event is ready? Great! Let's move to the next step.

🔎 Choose your video sharing service

You can use different video sharing services and easily embed live streams or videos into Eventee just by inserting the URL links. The choice of the service is up to you. There are many options you can choose from.

📝 See the complete list of all currently supported streaming, video hosting, and online meeting tools.

We are planning to add more video sharing services over time, so stay tuned for more information!

📹 Add live streams (or videos on demand)

Streams can be added simply by copy-pasting the stream links into Eventee. You have two options, depending on how many streams you use:

1. One stream for the whole stage > click the pencil icon to edit the stage, and insert your link

edit stage

2. Each session has it's own stream > insert the links into the detail of each session

link to video

If you want to restrict the video access to avoid peeking before the session starts, simply tick off the square beneath the stream URL column that says "Limit attendee access to the video". Now you are able to limit the start and end of the video access.

access limitation

If you are planning to use a virtual meeting platform (Zoom, Google Meet or any other meeting tool) during your event, you can add the link to your meeting room to the session as well. Attendees will be redirected straightly to your chosen meeting platform after they click on the button in the app. The button is visible in the detail of the session.

link to virtual meeting

Simple as that. Now you have your app ready for your virtual event 🤗

Engage your audience 🚀

Here comes the fun part! Throughout your virtual event, you can use Eventee features to engage the audience:

  • Announce upcoming streams or changes in schedule through Newsfeed with push-notification. Your attendees will know ahead what's coming next and won't miss any of your streams. You can also use the Newsfeed feature to promote your sponsors or set up a positive mood by saying hi to your attendees or send funny GIFs and images.
  • Let your attendees ask questions and vote in polls during sessions. This is a great way to discuss additional topics of attendees' interests. Attendees can use this feature on both mobile and web app. As an admin, you can approve, reject or archive the questions through your mobile phone, and ensure a smooth flow of every Q&A session.
  • The powerful networking feature allows the attendees to create valuable connections right inside the app. Your attendees can also video call each other and interact face-to-face, just like in real life. Newly this feature is available also on web app, so your attendees can connect across all Eventee platforms. Plan networking breaks between your live sessions and let attendees meet each other.
  • Use Custom menu to share any information you want, e. g. list of sponsors, list of important links or even integrate online surveys, simply by inserting URL link of your survey into your custom menu. You can choose whether you want to share text, link, map or PDF file. The number of information cards is not limited.
  • Promote your partners and sponsors right at your attendees fingertips. The feature Partners allows you to create a quick interactive touch point for your attendees to learn more about your sponsors or exhibitors and help raise partners' brand awareness at the same time.
  • Attendees can rate each session, share opinions and give valuable feedback through Eventee. Collected data can be then evaluated in real time with our analytics tool.

Using Eventee app is the easiest way to keep the benefits of in-person event, while switching to virtual event. And in case you are already virtual, it is definitely a great way to step up your game!

So far Eventee supports virtual events with integrated live streaming, videos, meeting services and improved networking with audio/video calls. We are planning to continue improving Eventee towards this way. There will be much more to look forward to, so don't forget to regularly check our roadmap! 😉

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