All kinds of Events

Eventee is so versatile that it can handle all types of events. From training to music festivals.



A perfect digital program, news, social networks, feedback. Everything your conference needs.



One place where students can find a complete schedule, up-to-date information, and study materials.



Give your visitors the best way to never miss their favorite artists.

All events in your area

The free version of Eventee serves as a universal application that includes all the events in your area. If you choose to use Eventee for free, your event will be displayed within this list.

Smart filter and search

In the list of conferences users can not only search by keywords, they can also filter the conferences according to the necessary criteria.

QR code

If you are preparing a conference using the Eventee web application, a QR code is used to quickly test content and its display on your device. You can also send a QR code to your visitors with which they gain quick access to event details.


For small and large events

The smart program adapts to an event of any size.

One room

If your event takes place at one rooms, Eventee will adapt nicely. A vertical timeline display gives enough space for individual presentations to stand out.



Multiple rooms

Three rooms? Five? Ten? No problem. Our cleverly designed program encompasses more rooms than you'll ever need. Our application is fully native, and consequently it is very fast and responsive. That's not possible with hybrid or web applications. We place great emphasis on simple and intuitive controls. Everyone who understands a basic school schedule will have no problem adapting to it.

One or more days

It doesn't matter whether your event is held in one afternoon or through a whole weekend. Eventee will deal with both cases. The user will always know for which day the program is displayed. It is very easy to switch between days and see the event program in advance.


Smart features

Features that your attendees will fall in love with ❤️


Live questions New

We are introducing the best way for participants in your conference to communicate with speakers. No more microphones running around the hall. Thanks to Eventee, everyone’s question can get to the speaker or into the panel discussion. Only the best questions will be displayed in large. We have considered everything.

All communication takes place in real time

Thanks to the Up-Voting system, the speaker can see the most interesting questions only


A great way to create your own plan of presentations in a busy schedule. Simply mark the presentations you are interested in. You can then find your created plan on the Favorites screen.

each visitor can create their own plan

clearly on one screen

with personal notifications you won't miss your favorite speaker



News feed

Thanks to the News Feed, visitors won’t miss any news. As an organizer, you can create short blogs. These messages can be sent immediately or at a specific time. You can add a Push notification to each message. Thus participants always have access to the most up-to-date information.

current information for visitors

users can rate each post

possibility to send push notifications

Social networks

Eventee allows the integration of Twitter and instagram. With Eventee you can have 100% confidence that any information you share will in fact be shared


Share information on your profile with your visitors or select a list of hashtags that are relevant to your event.


Are participants sharing their photos from your event? Show them to all users in Eventee.




The most effective way to get feedback. Encourage your visitors to evaluate individual presentations and be surprised by the amount of data you will receive. Our customers are talking about 30-60 times more feedback as opposed to standard emails.

realtime presentation score

effective way to get feedback

amount of feedback that would not be possible without Eventee

Always up-to-date

It is quite common that program changes during an event. With printed programs it is very difficult to inform all visitors about these changes. Thanks to Eventee, users get the latest information every time they open the app. If the program changes, every user will know about it.

always current program

receiving news and push notifications

realtime comments



Works Offline

Eventee has been developed with full offline-mode support. All conference data is stored on device, so users can access it whenever they need it even if there is a poor connection at an event. Functions such as News Feed and Social Networks will not work in offline mode.

fully functional in offline mode

access to program and your own plan

possibility to rate presentations and feeds

synchronization occurs whenever a user is online