Eventee offers a user-friendly tool for agenda planning. As experienced app developers, we put care into the user experience as well as into a seamless design of the Eventee app.

>Multiple rooms and days
Multiple rooms and days

It doesn't matter whether your event is held in one room one afternoon or on six halls through a whole weekend. Eventee deals with both cases.


Do you plan to have workshops? Set the right capacity for each of them and let your attendees book the workshops right through a mobile app!

>Personal Agenda
Personal Agenda

Each attendee can create his/her own plan of sessions and see it clearly on one screen. Notifications ensure not missing any of them!


Live streaming New

Eventee supports virtual events! Your attendees can watch your livestreams anywhere they want and still enjoy all the benefits of Eventee app.

Watch live streams right through the mobile app

All popular streaming services supported

Benefits of virtual events and Eventee app in one place

Live feedback

Get an amount of feedback like never before and see the event from the attendees' perspective.

Real-time individual scoring

Space for comments



Magical features with push notifications. This way you can effectively communicate with your attendees, so they will not miss a single point of interest and stay constantly updated. Posts can be sent immediately or scheduled for an exact time.

Push notifications

Formatted texts, links, pictures or GIFs

Attendees can rate each post

Live questions

Every question matters. Eventee enables your attendees to ask questions to speakers in a real time and gives the space to vote for the ones which they would most like to discuss. Only the highest ranked questions makes it to Top 10 on your projector.

Questions in a real time

Voting for the most interesting ones

Admins can moderate the questions


Live polls

Engage the audience with live polls. Ask your attendees about their opinion and let them vote through Eventee. Collect answers and display the results live on your projector.

Real-time insights

Live sharing of the results

Unlimited polls

Social networks integration

Eventee allows the integration of Twitter and Instagram. It boosts attendee engagement and motivates them to share posts and tweets with your hashtags!


Share posts to your Twitter feed with the attendees or select a list of hashtags that are relevant to your event and display the tweets from your attendees


Are the attendees sharing photos from your event? Show them to all users of Eventee and connect the Instagram accounts of your attendees.



Eventee helps to create relevant connections. This feature enables your attendees to connect and chat with each other. Forming new relevant business contacts couldn't be easier.

Online networking

Only between people who show a professional interest

Arrange meetings through the mobile app New

Integration with ticketing systems

If you sell your tickets through some ticketing platform, for example Eventbrite, Eventee enables you to synchronize your data and automatically upload the database of the ticket buyers into Eventee as your attendees. Attendees will be invited to use Eventee and their tickets will be prepared inside the app.

Event information synchronization

Automatic pre-filling of attendee profiles and email invitations

Event tickets with a unique QR code inside the app


Custom menu

In Eventee there is a special space for your own custom menu where you can gather all the important information for your attendees. You can share info about your sponsors or for example recommendations for hotels and restaurants.

Formatted texts, links and pictures support

Space for final evaluation of your event

Indoor and outdoor maps

Works Offline

Poor Wi-Fi connection at the site of your event? No problem for Eventee. The core functions such as agenda and a feedback tool works well.

Fully functional in offline-mode

Permanent access to the agenda

Possibility to rate presentations and feeds

Offline mobile app Eventee
Interaction during your event with Eventee

Always updated

Attendees are able to get from you the latest information every time they open the Eventee app. If there is a need for changes in the agenda, users of Eventee will know about that.

Push notifications

Always the latest agenda