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Host events that bring virtual and in-person audiences together on one platform. Engage everyone at once via mobile and web app with live questions, live polls, networking, and a lot more.

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One event; two different experiences

Attendees can choose the experience based on whether they are attending remotely or on-site. The Eventee app will then adapt to their choice.

Live Streaming

Share your streams and videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Twitch, SlidesLive, or Zoom. The choice is yours!

Engage both audiences

Features, like live questions, live polls, live feedback, and more, are available for both virtual and in-person attendees.

Push notifications

Announce changes in schedule, send reminders or share sponsored posts that simply can’t be missed.


Allow your audience to create valuable connections no matter whether they are attending virtually or physically.

Custom Branding

Match the app with your brand colors and provide an experience that connects your audience with your company values.


Provide sponsors with a quick touchpoint with potential customers by showcasing them right at your audiences’ fingertips.

In-person vs. virtual experience

Hybrid events in Eventee allow attendees to turn the virtual event features on or off, based on whether they are attending online or offline.

If you need to distinguish the virtual and in-person sessions, you can take advantage of the Tracks that can be filtered by attendees.

Live stream or video on demand

Decide whether you want to host your event with live, pre-recoded, or combined sessions. Simply insert the link to your video-sharing service to embed it into Eventee. Supported services are YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Twitch, SlidesLive, Whereby, and Zoom.

Virtual meeting tools, like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc., can also be added. They will appear in the app as a button that takes your audience right to your meeting room.

Tinder-like networking

Connect your virtual and in-person audience with a fun match-based networking tool and help them find relevant business connections without awkwardness. Once matched, attendees can have a 1-1 chat or audio/video call and book tables for meetings.

I landed with Eventee after trying out several platforms and can highly recommend it. It improved both our attendee and moderator experience tremendously. It’s simple to use and created with the user in mind.
Felix Zeltner, Work Awesome Group LLC

No-code event homepage

With each event in Eventee, you get an event homepage, which is automatically generated from your created content. You can manage it without any coding skills. Rearrange the sections and customize the titles to your event needs. All just with a simple drag and drop or within a few clicks!

The homepage is fully optimized for desktop and mobile access, including SEO optimization. If you like, you can also use your own domain.

Customize the app to complement your brand

Branding the event to match it with your company values is crucial for the audiences to recognize and connect with your brand. Eventee allows you to change the looks of the event homepage, mobile, and web app to support your brand awareness.

Improve sponsorship ROI

Hybrid events attract sponsors thanks to the size of the audience they can reach with both virtual and on-site attendees. Create irresistible value for your sponsors by putting them into the spotlight and improving their ROI. Showcase their logos in a sponsor strip and create fully customizable partner cards with links, files, and images.

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