First day of spring brings a bunch of news from the Eventee world

Let's put all the current negative news aside for a minute and go through Eventee upgrades of this month. What is on the list? Improved workshops, brand new feature in Networking and also a little sneak peek at what awaits us. 🤭

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

Hello everyone!

Achoo! Yes, it is finally here - our lovely spring is among us again and we are already feeling fully recharged by the positive energy of the sun and flourishing nature. Let's keep up the positive vibes with following Eventee upgrades that we have prepared for you this month. 🌼

Bookings to individual speakers 🎤

Do you have more than one speaker in one session and want attendees to book seats to only one of them? No problem! While creating workshops you may now allow your attendees to choose individual speaker. You can simply activate this feature in advanced settings below the description of the workshop.

individual speakers

Allow bookings to individual speakers by ticking off the little square. Don't forget to write the capacity for each of the tables/speakers as well. You can find the number of seats right next to the speaker's name.

Your attendees are now able to book their seats to the speakers they have chosen. This is how it looks like from the attendees' view:

booking individual speakers

Arrange meetings through Networking 🤝

Networking has been very successful among our users so far and yet we want to push the boundaries of its success even further - welcome Meetings on board!

Give your attendees a place to meet personally and let them book tables for their meetings through Networking. You can manage your meeting place in features settings. Based on the dedicated place, fill in the name of the room, number of tables, size of each time blocks or availability of the room throughout your event.

networking table

Moreover, thanks to the integration with personal agenda, your attendees will never miss their meetings.

Upgrades soon to be released 🤫

We are aware of the current situation, which brings new challenges into the event industry. Some of the events have already been cancelled or postponed, but most of the events decided to go virtual. To support you, we are planning to integrate video streaming into Eventee. You will be able to videostream your sessions and still enjoy all the benefits of our mobile app. Popular streaming services like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, Lifestream and many others will be supported.

And we are not stopping there...

Be ready for the whole new experience with Eventee 2. Flawless design, faster server, better performance...long story short - Eventee 2 is out of this world!

Oh...and one more thing - Eventee Unlimited soon to be revealed. What is Eventee Unlimited? A wonderful gift, an offer you should not miss, a once in a lifetime opportunity, a dream come true for every event manager…

Eager to know what it is? Stay tuned!

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