White label event mobile app for your conference

Get your own branded event mobile app on the App Store and Google Play.

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Your own fully branded event app

Go beyond Eventee's event branding and create a seamless event brand experience with Eventee white label.

Multiple events

White label for multiple events includes all updates and features released during your subscription period.

Single event

If you need white label just for one event, we've got your back!

App Store and Google Play

For the best experience, Eventee provides a native app for both iOS and Android users.

smiling man customizing the colors of the event mobile app to match the event's branding

Consistent event branding

Make the Eventee app a true extension of your event. In combination with the Event branding feature, you can create a unique experience that makes attendees feel connected.

Rebrand the Eventee app to your needs
Your icon, name, and description on the app stores.
Event logo and banner inside the app.
Custom background and button colors.

As easy as it gets

We built the app with focus on simplicity and ease of use. With Eventee's white label, you can deliver that exceptional app experience to attendees with your own branding.

Create an event

Create your event content in Eventee and customize the app's visual appearance.

Preview and publish

Preview the results, and when you're ready, we can arrange the app publication on app stores.


Invite everyone to engage with your event. Drive interactions with live questions, polls, and more.

Happy customers

Let our customers do the talking. Discover why they love using Eventee and get inspired by unique case studies.

This for me is a game-changer! It provides a "Tinder" like experience for attendees.

Mirela Fioresy

Great Networking. People were able to network with others with such ease.

Mark Catuogno

Attendees were able to quickly find, flag, and set up one-on-one meetings with like-minded professionals. Just a really fun, useful feature that brings a ton of extra value beyond the obvious.

Jackson Dean Chase

Eventee makes an event feel custom but without overcomplicating things. It's very easy to set colours and add images, logos, etc.

Benjamin Ridley

Eventee gives us the ability to modify and customize events via the easy-to-use format.

Mark Rice

Excellent visual appearance and ease of use. It dramatically helps participants of my events to stay connected and network with other participants.

Kristoffer Broholm


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