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CASE STUDY: BarCamp Brno 2019 goes paperless with Eventee

1800 attendees gathered at BarCamp Brno 2019 conference to attend lectures about business, marketing and innovations. Read their success story!

Nikola Klepackova
Nikola Klepackova

BarCamp Brno 2019 is the largest public conference in the Czech Republic with topics revolving around business, marketing, and innovations. 1800 attendees gathered in Brno to attend lectures with the main motto "The future is in SUSTAINABILITY". This is why the organizers chose to use Eventee at the event to become paperless. Let's see how it went!

The conference used Evetnee for the fourth time in a row and we are so happy that this year they achieved the highest user base ever! Thanks to Eventee, attendees could check the agenda, network, ask questions and rate speakers. The average rating of all the speakers was 4,56 out of 5, which is a great success! 🎉

The atmosphere of BarCamp Brno was just amazing! And because we were there, we decided to bring a little bit of the atmosphere closer to you. We made some interviews with people around and prepared this video for you. 😊

So, what do you think about that? Do you want to transform your event and be the next success story just like BarCamp Brno 2019? Start creating your own event for free at our websites! It's super easy and you won't be lost, we promise! 🚀

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