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CASE STUDY: How SaaS Movement 2019 engaged attendees with Eventee

SaaS Movement 2019 is the biggest SaaS event in central Europe. Read a story about what the organizers achieved with Eventee!

Nikola Klepackova
Nikola Klepackova

SaaS Movement is the biggest SaaS event in central Europe. 30 speakers and 350 attendees gathered 11th September 2019 to share know-how from the SaaS industry. They used Eventee, and thus we have decided to share with you a short story about what was the outcome.

The organizers chose to use a mobile app Eventee with the following expectations:

  • To boost engagement through Q&A
  • To enable the attendees to choose from 3 tracks and create their own schedule
  • To support networking.

They decided to use a Premium version of Eventee. Firstly, they uploaded the whole program and filled in the speakers' cards. They activated Networking, Live questions and created the information cards with FAQ, list of the attendees, event venue location and websites.

One week before the event, when the organizers had their event published in Eventee app, they sent emails to all of the attendees with the information to download and use Eventee.

Moreover, they were occasionally repeating during the breaks to all the attendees to download and use Eventee in order to achieve the highest user base.

Eventee mobile app

What was the outcome?

saas movement achievements
  • 71% of attendees downloaded and used Eventee
    It's a great number because the industry standard of using event apps is around 20%!
  • 45% of the users were networking
    It's not enormous number, however, as we asked the attendees around, a lot of people still prefer meeting others the "classic way" - personally. Thus we are happy for the ones who tried to network through Eventee. 🤗
  • 243 Networking connections have been made
    The number of connections that the users made through Eventee. And it's awesome! 🤝
  • 214 speakers' ratings have been collected
    The amount of individual feedback to speakers collected through Eventee. Thanks to that, the organizers collected data to properly evaluate the success of the event. 📈
  • 270 messages have been sent
    The amount of messages sent through the Networking feature. And we are happy about that! 🤩
  • 43% people customized their schedule
    The amount of people who created their own schedule from three-halls track through Favorite feature. 🧐

That is just awesome! And as we were there personally, we had a unique opportunity to ask the attendees for their feedback and opinion.

We asked the attendees what they think about Eventee

Radana Šimáčková

CEO of Wellspace

"Eventee is super intuitive, and especially good for networking because you're getting only qualified leads who want to talk, who want to do business and network with you."

Karel Fuksa

Managing Director of Ysoft Clerbo

Eventee is awesome! I would say, there was a time before the Eventee when I was always looking for paper in my pocket to choose from the right lecture. And now it's Eventee - just a glance on the phone and I always know, where I’m within the given lecture and what is the next one which I want to take.

Ondřej Coufalík

CEO of Survio

"Eventee app is awesome! I'm using the Eventee app during the whole day to plan my schedule, to mark the presentation which is favorite so I know where I need to go. Eventee helps me to reach the people I would like to meet and I can rate them and I can ask questions which is really awesome."

Besides mentioned, we received really valuable feedback from both organizers and attendees and we are grateful for that. Because thanks to all your feedback, we are getting step-by-step closer to our mission: to create for you and your attendees the best possible event app on a market.

Thank you, SaaS Movement 2019, for choosing Eventee as a mobile app for your event. We really enjoyed that! ❤️

Do you want to transform your event and join our happy customers? Start a free trial at!

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