Closing Eventee 2023 and Looking Ahead to 2024

Enjoy this year's recap of highlights and successes we had with Eventee, and hold on tight - 2024 promises even more!

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

Cheers to the incredible journey that 2023 was!

As we bid farewell to this year, it's time to reflect on the highs, lows, and everything in between. This year, the Eventee team experienced a whirlwind of emotions and changes – from warm welcomes to heartbreaking goodbyes, and team buildings filled with laughter to strategic shifts in our business model. Above all, we pushed Eventee towards becoming the most easy-to-use event app focused on attendee engagement once more. 🚀

2023 brought significant shifts to our business landscape. In the spirit of growth and transformation, we obtained the international certificate, ISO/IEC 27001, and officially renamed our company to Eventee s.r.o., sealing our commitment to Eventee and its further development.

Eventee ISO/IEC 27001 certificate

We also embraced a new pricing strategy, featuring a Solo plan and two regular subscription plans, to better meet the needs of our customers. At the same time, we introduced the option to buy add-ons and customize the app functionality regardless of the plan.

An image displaying three pricing plans for event services, categorized by the number of events and features offered.  On the left, the "Solo" plan for a single event is highlighted in a light green card and costs $1,499 per event. It includes 500 attendees per event, engagement features, custom branding, and a custom domain, with an option for a free trial.  In the center, the "Business" plan is marked as "MOST POPULAR" in a purple card and is priced at $2,999 annually. It offers six events per year, allows 1,000 attendees per event, and includes engagement features, custom branding, and a custom domain, also with a free trial option.  On the right, the "Enterprise" plan is presented in a light green card similar to the "Solo" plan and costs $4,999 annually. This plan provides for 365 events per year, up to 5,000 attendees per event, and includes engagement features, custom branding, and a custom domain, with a free trial available.  Each plan card features an illustration of a flying vehicle— a small airplane for Solo, a larger airplane for Business, and a zeppelin for Enterprise. At the bottom of the image, a note states that all prices exclude VAT and Sales Tax.
New Eventee pricing

You can discover the improvements we released in 2023 further down this article, but before you jump to that part, we would love to thank our customers for helping us get to the TOP this year. G2 recognized our mobile app as a category leader in usability and implementation, which was a great success. Throughout the year, we maintained our position among the TOP performers in various G2 index reports and earned our place in the Capterra TOP event app listing.

The image shows a collection of eight award badges from G2, each representing different accolades for a company's performance in Winter 2024.  From top left to right, the first row includes three badges:  "Momentum Leader" in black and red, "High Performer" in black and red, "Easiest To Use" in black and red, all labeled with "WINTER 2024". The second row contains two badges:  "Easiest To Do Business With" in black and purple designated for the "Mid-Market", "Most Implementable" in black and red, both also tagged with "WINTER 2024". The third row shows three more badges:  "Easiest Admin" in black and red for "Mid-Market", "High Performer" in black and purple for Europe, "High Performer" in black and purple for Americas, all noted with "WINTER 2024". Each badge features the G2 logo and is designed with a ribbon-like appearance, positioned at a slight angle to give a three-dimensional effect. The background is transparent.
Some of our latest G2 badges

3273 events, 282116 attendees - your events were nothing short of spectacular! We were delighted to have the opportunity to attend numerous events, capturing valuable experiences and insights that help us improve Eventee for you.

Watch the video below to see how it went at the E-commerce day 2023 conference. More case studies are to come next year.

We are honored to be part of all the amazing event experiences. One of them was the largest attack on scammers, organized by the awesome Scammer Payback team that partnered up with Anydesk against scammers.

We wouldn't be us today without you - so here's to you, our customers!

🎉 Eventee 2023 in review

And now, it's finally time for a round-up of the most exciting updates and improvements we have brought to you and your attendees this year!

Private Custom menu items

The feature Custom menu allows you to create additional content items in the menu of the app. This has proven to be a great way to share important information with attendees, all in one place.

One of our last improvements of the year 2023 enabled event managers to limit access to particular menu items by hiding them from the public page. With this update, you can create content that is exclusive to attendees.

Share important information with your attendees to ensure smooth course of the event.
Menu item editor

Organizer's contact information

We’ve released an update that allows you to leave contact information for attendees to reach out to you if needed. This way, you can provide attendees with better support and ensure the best experience possible.

Attendees will see your contact information on the event’s homepage and both mobile and web apps, where they can easily contact you with a click of a button.

Contact information form

Hide My agenda

From time to time, there are customer cases where a personalized agenda is not needed. We’ve heard your calling and made this feature optional.

Turning this feature off will prevent attendees from creating their own event agendas.

Hiding the "My Agenda" feature can be useful for cases where a personalized agenda is not needed, providing more flexibility for event organizers and attendees.
Hide My agenda

Link to the ticket seller

Previously, when you integrated Eventee with some of our supported ticketing platforms, the button “Get a ticket” automatically appeared on your event website. Now you can customize the link of this button and direct visitors to any ticket seller. You just need to insert the link in your administration.

Attendee import

With this update, we brought you an improved way of inviting attendees. While the old version allowed you to pre-fill attendee information only through API or integrations, the new version of Eventee lets you pre-fill attendee profiles from .csv, .xlsx, xls, or .tsv.

In other words, you can import attendees, including their detailed information through your event administration, all at once.

Attendee import in Eventee administration speeds up the process of inviting
Import attendees

Attendee information you can import:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Position
  • Phone
  • Web
  • Facebook link
  • Twitter link
  • Linkedin link
  • Bio
  • Photo

Export workshop participants

Workshops are special sessions with limited seats. Newly, you can open the details of each workshop and export all participants, including their personal information and the time they booked a seat.

You can export the file in .csv, .xlsx, or .xls format.

This enhancement streamlines the management of workshop attendance and facilitates efficient communication and organization.
Workshop details

Social wall export

Export one specific attendee post or all posts at once, including the views, likes/dislikes, and URLs to the shared images.

social wall export options in Eventee administration

Newsfeed export

Export either all feed posts at once or select a specific post, including the views, likes, and dislikes.

The Eventee Newsfeed export feature is valuable for archiving event-related discussions, capturing attendee feedback, and leveraging user-generated content for future event promotions.

Live polls export

With this export, you will see the details of every poll vote. The details include the poll question and attendee’s name, answer, and email address.

Exporting live polls from Eventee allows organizers to collect valuable data, analyze attendee opinions, and generate insights to improve future events. It's a powerful tool for post-event analysis and enhancing attendee engagement.

Schedule management

Zoom in/out

Adjust the size of the schedule in your administration. You can zoom in or out using the “+” and “-“. The schedule will scale at preset increments (50%, 100%, 150%, and 200%).

Note: This Eventee improvement applies only to your administration and aims to enhance your comfort while creating the schedule. If you need to scale the event schedule on the app for attendees, use the Schedule scale.

Adjust the schedule display size for easier viewing and editing, enhancing user comfort during schedule creation.
Zoom in and out

Hide times before the first session

The schedule on the attendee app always starts with the first session of each day. Newly, you can set this view for the schedule in your administration as well. This setting applies to all days and all halls on the schedule.

Note: You are still able to create a new session before the first created session even though you cannot see the times. Simply click anywhere on the schedule timeline and set the time manually in the detail of the new session. The schedule will then adapt to your changes.

This adjustment simplifies schedule management and improves the event experience.
Visible (left) and hidden (right) times before the first session

Default session length and duplicating sessions

We simplified the scheduling process for events with many similar sessions. This allows organizers to quickly replicate existing sessions within an event, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Sponsors background

This update allows you to customize the background color of the sponsors' lineup on the event website. Find the settings under Website branding in your administration.

Custom email invitation

Eventee sends out email invitations to your attendees once you publish your event. With this update, you can customize the messaging of the invitation, including the email subject and call-to-action.

White label

Publish a fully branded app on the App Store and Google Play with a custom app icon, name, and description. White Label is offered as an add-on and is available for all our customers. 

👉 Current limit is one event per White-labeled app.
👉 Customers need to have their own App Store account.
👉 The initial price for the White Label add-on is set to $2000.

 White Label is good for creating a customized and branded event app that reflects your organization's identity and enhances your event's professionalism and recognition on app stores.
White label app on App Store

Program list view

Mobile app users can now choose between two different program views – grid or list. They can set their preference on the program screen through the settings button in the upper right corner once they join the event.

Grid view

For those familiar with Eventee, this is the same view as before. Sessions and halls are displayed in a tabular view and you can move the program horizontally. All halls and their sessions are visible at the same time.

List view

The new view brings a fresh breeze into Eventee. Instead of displaying all halls and sessions in a table, the list view lets you open a single hall and browse the sessions vertically. 

See how it works in the short video below. 👇

App accessibility

The new version of the app is designed for screen reader compatibility, which means even attendees with visual impairments can easily navigate it.

Mobile app accessibility refers to the design and development of mobile applications to ensure they can be used and accessed by individuals with disabilities, including those with visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive impairments. Accessibility features may include screen readers for the visually impaired, captioning for videos, voice commands for navigation, and keyboard shortcuts for those with motor disabilities. Making mobile apps accessible is essential to provide equal access and usability for all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

List of speakers

Attendees on the Eventee mobile app can now view all the speakers and their detailed profiles within a few clicks.

They can access the full speakers list by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the program screen. After that, they can open the profile of a speaker they would like to know more about.

It allows attendees to learn more about the speakers and their backgrounds, enhancing their overall event experience.
Speakers list


We introduced a whole new Networking experience this year - attendees can now choose between swiping through profiles and browsing the list of networking participants.

We also added new tabs to make everything more straightforward. Let's break it down!

My network

Here you can see all your conversations with your established contacts. Once you match with someone, you can start chatting and arranging meetings with them right away. Arranged meetings will then appear in My agenda.


Attendees can send you requests for connection, which you will see right here.

You can also access the list of rejected contacts and send them a request if you change your mind.

All attendees

This is where you can browse the list of all attendees who joined Networking. You will see different statuses next to other attendees’ names – connected, pending request, rejected, or an icon that sends an instant request for connection.

Newly, you can also filter attendees based on name, company, or position.

Watch this short video to see how it works!

💪 What awaits us in 2024

The upcoming year is going to be big, and we cannot be more excited! Here is just a glimpse of what we are planning to introduce in 2024:

  • New user management - group tags, event reminders, etc.
  • Global search for mobile app
  • Gamification
  • Comments for Social wall and Newsfeed
  • Networking tags

New roadmap

We moved our Eventee roadmap to a new platform, and we hope to convey our sincere appreciation for your input through transparency. 

The new platform:

  • enables us to gather and organize feedback more effectively,
  • helps us better prioritize features based on your demands, which ultimately leads to a better experience for you,
  • allows us to streamline our product development process while also creating a more collaborative environment for our customers,


  • To be able to interact, you need to create an account or log in first.
  • Whenever there is an update, you will receive an email.

Eventee changelog

We would love to keep you in the loop, so you can use Eventee to its full potential and make the most out of your events. Therefore, we decided to add a product changelog to easily share all the updates with you.

Find it in your administration, under the bell icon in the upper right corner.

 The Eventee changelog helps you stay updated on new features and improvements in real-time, ensuring you don't miss any important updates.


As we wave goodbye to 2023, let's welcome 2024 with open arms and a sprinkle of optimism. Wishing you a year ahead filled with all the good vibes!

Eventee team

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