Eventee Updates: Introducing Program List View

Learn about Eventee updates in the November news roundup. UI improvements, app accessibility, and more.

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

Before we get to the goodies, we would love to introduce you to our new channel to keep you always up to date about what's new. From now on, you won't miss any updates thanks to Eventee changelog!

You will find it in your event administration under the bell icon in the upper right corner. There you will see the updates (almost) in real-time.

 The Eventee changelog helps you stay updated on new features and improvements in real-time, ensuring you don't miss any important updates.
Eventee changelog

Fast forward! And now on to the good part...

🥳 Program views

This feature allows mobile app users to choose between two different program views - grid or list. They can set their preference on the program screen through the settings button in the upper right corner once they join the event.

Grid view

For those who are familiar with Eventee, this is the same view as before. Sessions and halls are displayed in a tabular view and you can move the program horizontally. All halls and their sessions are visible at the same time.

List view

The new view brings a fresh breeze into Eventee. Instead of displaying all halls and sessions in a table, the list view lets you open a single hall and browse the sessions vertically. 

See how it works in the short video below. 👇

📊 Improved event analytics

Newly, you can export data from the Social wall, Newsfeed, and Live polls. Analyze attendee interactions and learn how they engage during your event.

Social wall export

Export one specific attendee post or all posts at once, including the views, likes/dislikes, and URLs to the shared images.

The Eventee Social Wall export feature is good for analyzing attendee-generated content, tracking engagement metrics, and repurposing user-generated content for post-event marketing.

Newsfeed export

Export either all feed posts at once or select a specific post, including the views, likes, and dislikes.

The Eventee Newsfeed export feature is valuable for archiving event-related discussions, capturing attendee feedback, and leveraging user-generated content for future event promotions.

Live polls export

With this export, you will see the details of every poll vote. The details include the poll question and attendee's name, answer, and email address.

 Exporting live polls from Eventee allows organizers to collect valuable data, analyze attendee opinions, and generate insights to improve future events. It's a powerful tool for post-event analysis and enhancing attendee engagement.

📲 Mobile app accessibility

The new version of the app is designed for screen reader compatibility, which means even attendees with visual impairments can easily navigate it.

Mobile app accessibility refers to the design and development of mobile applications to ensure they can be used and accessed by individuals with disabilities, including those with visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive impairments. Accessibility features may include screen readers for the visually impaired, captioning for videos, voice commands for navigation, and keyboard shortcuts for those with motor disabilities. Making mobile apps accessible is essential to provide equal access and usability for all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

🗓️ Hide My agenda

From time to time, there are customer cases where a personalized agenda is not needed. We've heard your calling and made this feature optional.

You can turn it on/off in your event administration, under Settings, tab General.

Hiding the "My Agenda" feature can be useful for cases where a personalized agenda is not needed, providing more flexibility for event organizers and attendees. It can be turned on or off in the event administration settings under the "General" tab.

👀 Coming soon

There are a lot of other goodies we plan to release by the end of 2023. These are some of the things you can look forward to!

Partners background

Currently, the background of the sponsors' section on the event website is white. With the new update we are preparing, you will be able to change this color to any color that you want!

Link to the ticket seller

If you integrate Eventee with some of our supported ticketing platforms, you can have a button "Buy ticket" on your event website. This will soon change, as you will be able to add the button with a link to any ticket seller. You just need to insert the link.

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