Great Eventee News You Should Not Miss!

This Eventee news will definitely make your day better! A brand new payment process, enhanced projector mode and more!

Nikola Klepackova
Nikola Klepackova

It's been a while since we wrote about recent news in Eventee. We were working hard since then and we have made a bunch of changes in order to improve your overall experience. Thanks to all your feedback, we were able to boost your user experience and make the event planning a way easier for you. And finally, we can reveal the results!

A brand new payment process πŸ’°

We significantly enhanced the payment process for you and all your future events! Now after clicking on β€œPurchase” you see a summary of your order where you can easily put a coupon code, if you have some, or fill in the billing information. Enjoy the smoothest flow of payment and event publishing!

payment process

Origamee won't let you down 🀩

We implemented new popups into admin for your smoothest orientation in event creation. Origamee will take care of your event creation and advise you what to do, if needed. Β πŸ€—

Export archived questions 🧐

One of the things you have asked for the most - to be able to work with all your archived questions even after the event. Now you can easily export all of them in multiple formats and evaluate them later. You can export the questions even from events that happened in the past! Let's try that!

Enhanced projector mode πŸŽ₯

Just a small but nice thing - now you can easily choose how you would like to open and manage the projector mode - in a full screen or in another window. 😊

And that's all from us for now! If you have any feedback or questions regarding today's Eventee news, we would love to hear about them! Please, contact us at [email protected]. πŸ“©


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