Meet New Eventee Buddies: Zapier and Mailchimp 🤝

Learn more about the latest Eventee integrations that open up a whole new world of workflow automation!

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

Are you screaming with horror just by thinking about all the routine tasks that are overflowing your desk, waiting for you to complete them? 😱 Save your breath! These two new Eventee integrations will make sure you can leave the routine activities out of your head and be more efficient with the things that truly matter.

Welcome Zapier and Mailchimp! 🥳

Integration with Zapier ⚡️

Zapier is a workflow automation platform that makes integration between two or more apps possible. The apps are connected through so called "Zaps", which are automated workflows triggered on an app by a certain trigger on another app. By integrating Eventee with Zapier, you will be able to connect your event account with any app that is listed on Zapier. The possibilities to connect are practically bottomless!

Integrating Eventee with Zapier empowers event organizers with a versatile and powerful tool to automate and enhance various aspects of event management, leading to improved efficiency and a better overall event experience.

Eventee offers two triggers so far and more will be added over time. The first trigger is the Attendee Invitation. If you choose this trigger, you will be setting the action that follows when you invite or import a new attendee to your event in Eventee. The second trigger is New Attendee, which triggers a desired triggered action when the person you have invited to your event in Eventee has accepted your invitation. You can see these triggers as starting points - what action should follow when one of these trigger points happen?

Triggered actions differ from the apps you choose to pair with Eventee. Zapier will show you all the possibilities right after your apps are connected. Example: If you choose to connect Eventee with an e-mailing platform, you can send automatic e-mails or automatically add new subscribers to your list of contacts whenever an attendee accepts your invitation.

Each of your events has its unique token. Through this, you can connect it with your Zapier account and create different Zaps for each of them individually.

An example of a token

What is a token and where you can find it? How to use the token to connect your accounts? Find the step-by-step tutorial in our knowledge base under the article Integrate Eventee with Zapier!

Integration with Mailchimp 🐵

Mailchimp is an e-mail marketing platform that helps you create, edit and send beautiful bulk e-mails. It provides a simple editor and a wide offer of pre-designed templates.will help you make your emails look professional without giving bigger effort. Thanks to the reporting tool, you will be able to see how many attendees have opened your email or how many attendees have clicked on the links.

The integration of Eventee with Mailchimp enables event organizers to send bulk emails efficiently, making it easier to communicate with attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders.

It is also a great place where you can manage your contacts. The integration of Eventee with Mailchimp allows you to import and export your lists of contacts with a flick of a switch! The imports and exports are automatic after you activate this feature in your admin. You can choose whether you want to import Mailchimp data to Eventee, export data from Eventee to Mailchimp, or both.

Integrating Eventee with Mailchimp streamlines and enhances the email communication aspect of event management, contributing to more effective engagement, marketing, and overall success of the event.

Find how to set the integration with Mailchimp in the detailed tutorial here.

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