New Eventee Pricing, New Features 🎉

Introducing our new pricing with improved plans and a whole new feature Custom domains!

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

We are happy to introduce you to our new price list with new features you've all been waiting for. In this news blog post, you will learn what improvements each plan offers and how the brand new feature Custom domain works.

In the last 12 months, Eventee evolved from a simple mobile app for in-person events to a feature-rich and powerful tool it is today. Our secret battle plan is to keep releasing new features and increase the value of Eventee for you. We already can't wait to release the goodies we plan for the following weeks and months!

A quick look back at our most recent updates:

  • 🎁 Free homepage for each event
  • 🖥 New easy-to-use web app for virtual events
  • 🎨 Custom branding to match the app with your corporate identity

🥳 New Eventee Pricing

An image displaying four pricing tier cards for a service. From left to right: The 'Free' tier shows a paper airplane and offers 1 event per year for 100 attendees with premium features and custom branding. The 'Premium' tier, priced at $499 annually, features a propeller plane, 1 event per year for 300 attendees, premium features, and custom branding. The 'Business' tier, highlighted as 'BEST CHOICE' with an orange banner, is $999 annually and includes a rocket ship icon, 12 events per year, unlimited attendees, premium features, and custom branding. The 'Enterprise' tier, at $1,999 annually, showcases a spaceship icon and offers unlimited events, unlimited attendees, premium features, and custom branding.

Let's take a look at the features you can newly enjoy with the new pricing:


Live questions&polls are no longer a premium feature. Even with the free version of Eventee you will be able to engage your attendees and provide an amazing event experience.


With this plan, you can now organize bigger events that accommodate up to 500 attendees. That is 200 attendees more than before!


Custom branding used to be an Enterprise feature, now it is available also for the owners of the Business plan.


Custom domain, has long been one of the most requested features among our users, now you can enjoy it with the Eventee Enterprise plan.

🤩 New Features

CNAME - Customize your domain

As already mentioned, Eventee supports custom domains now. This feature allows you to customize the address of your event homepage and web app. Check the video below and find out how this feature works.

Web app

We improved and tweaked so many things since we released our new web app. Long story short - everything works better!

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