Updated Partners feature and improvements we rolled out this month

Read the monthly round-up of Eventee updates and improvements you definitely should not miss.

Hai Yen Luong
Hai Yen Luong

As usual, we summarized the biggest updates and improvements of the month into one article. Are you ready to find out what August brought us? ๐Ÿคฉ

๐Ÿค Partners feature

We upgraded our feature Partners to offer you more options to promote your event partners. With the new version of this feature, you are able to give sponsors different values by showcasing them in different categories and orders. The exhibitor profiles newly include the booth numbers.

Sponsor categories

Special sponsors call for special attention, and with this improvement that allows you to create different sponsors categories, you can definitely spotlight your main sponsors.

Create the categories in tab Content > Partners > Categories. If you don't have any sponsors yet, go ahead andย create your first sponsor. The section categories will appear at the bottom of the profile editor after you tick off the partner type Sponsor.

This feature adds value to sponsorship packages by offering customized recognition, which can be a selling point for future sponsorships.
Categories in the sponsor profile

You can name and sort the categories according to your needs. Here is an example of the categories Gold Sponsor and Silver Sponsor.

Creating sponsor categories
Screenshot of a website section titled 'SPONSORS' showing two categories of sponsorships. The 'Gold Sponsor' category displays the Apple logo, indicating a premium level of sponsorship. Below it, the 'Silver Sponsor' category lists 'TOUCH ART' as a contributor at a secondary level. Each sponsor category is in a separate outlined box, visually organizing them by tier on the event's webpage.
Sponsor categories on the event website

Sponsors can also be sorted within each category with a simple drag and drop. To start sorting your sponsors, click on the button next to the search box.

Sort sponsors within the categories

Exhibitor booth numbers

The possibility to add booth numbers to exhibitor profiles will help you navigate your attendees to your exhibitors. This information will appear in the mobile and web app right beneath the exhibitor's logo.

Find this option in the exhibitor profile editor.

Attendees can plan their visit more efficiently, saving time by heading directly to booths of interest.
Exhibitor booth number

๐ŸŽค Change the speakers order

Do you have special guests speaking at your event? Now you can make sure that they will always be displayed at the top of the list!

Sorting speakers works the same as sorting sponsors and exhibitors. Simply click on the button next to the search box and drag and drop your speakers into the desired position.

Efficiently manage and update the event's speaking schedule.
Sort speakers based on your needs

๐Ÿฅณ New event homepage

An event website is undoubtedly an important part of the attendee experience. With this update, we brought you a whole new design of the event homepage that matches the modern vibe of the Eventee mobile and web app. Thanks to all your feedback, we were able to improve it to your needs as well.

Check the short video below for a quick preview!

๐Ÿ—‚ Improved account management

We focus on the experience of both attendee and organizer. While we aim to create the most easy-to-use and engaging interface of the app for attendees, we also put our efforts into making the process of event building as easy as possible. This month we introduced 2 administration improvements!

Update login information

As simple as it sounds, it is also a feature that matters. Newly, you can change your email and password in just a few seconds. Find your login information in the profile settings.

Update login information

Delete user account, company, or event

If for any reason you would like to delete your data from our database, you can do so. However, keep in mind that this action cannot be undone!

Learn how to delete your user account/company/event and what will happen to your data afterwards.

๐Ÿ”ฎ Event Industry 2021 and Beyond

We've conducted research to shed some light on the pandemic impacts on the event industry, and learn how event managers are dealing with the challenges today. A total of 181 event professionals all over the world completed our survey and shared their insights and experiences with event planning during the pandemic.

Read the summary at the link below, or download the full report here.


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